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Over half of UAE residents consider indoor air quality in their home to be sub-optimal, Khansaheb Industries reports

Khansaheb Industries has launched the inaugural edition of the UAE Indoor Air Quality Audit. Collecting responses from 1,000 residents across the UAE, the Audit indicates the attitudes of general consumers toward the importance of air quality at home, in relation to their health, in schools, and in the workplace. The audit found that well over four in five consider air quality important in the home, with those who have good home air quality reporting very good wellbeing and sleeping habits.

A high quality of indoor air quality is more important for UAE residents when choosing a home than the proximity to transport links, distance from a main road, close proximity to schools, whether there is outdoor space, story height, and parking availability. Only 45% of UAE residents consider their indoor air quality to be very good in home, with only 42% of residents in Dubai stating that they had good indoor air quality.

Abdulrahman Khansaheb, Managing Director of Khansaheb Industries, commented: “Indoor air quality is an often overlooked but evidently critical topic for UAE residents across the nation. Following the pandemic, those living in the Emirates are wanting to ensure the air they and their children breathe in their home, their workplace, and their schools is of a high enough standard to offer long-term health benefits. The inaugural edition of the UAE Indoor Air Quality Audit demonstrates those concerns clearly and visibly.”

91% of UAE residents consider indoor air quality to be important for their day-to-day health, with 75% considering it to be very important. Almost two-thirds of UAE residents consider good indoor air quality as leading to improved overall wellbeing, and 58% consider that it leads to an improved immune system response. 89% of consumers stated that they would consider indoor air quality when choosing which hospital they would go to.

Continuing, Mr. Khansaheb said: “Following the results of our initial audit, real-estate developers and contractors across the nation need to take indoor air quality into consideration when planning and constructing property in the UAE – be that residential or commercial in nature.  Khansaheb consistently advocates for the implementation of the highest quality indoor air standards across the UAE to ensure the health and wellbeing of all. As such, steps taken to improve indoor air quality standards in the UAE are critical. With the implementation of a thorough mandatory regulatory framework for the implementation of ventilation and ductwork in UAE buildings, residents can enjoy higher-quality air in their day-to-day lives.”

The audit comes amid increased public focus on the importance of indoor air quality for health and wellbeing. As UAE residents return to schools and offices following remote working, ensuring indoor air does not represent a vehicle for disease transmission is a key public health priority. Focused on indoor air quality across the home, workplace, hospitals, and schools, findings from the Khansaheb Indoor Air Quality Audit can inform future development of buildings with safe indoor air quality.