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Outlook 2017: Olivier Crasson, EVP, BESIX/Six Construct

We expect a general slowdown in activity in 2017 compared to 2016, mainly due to the level of the oil price which will have an effect on all industries.

However, due to a number of strategic projects such as Dubai Expo 2020, we will focus our attention on the larger projects as the necessary infrastructure work will continue to develop in order to be ready on time.

Olivier Crasson, EVP, BESIX/Six Construct

Olivier Crasson, EVP, BESIX/Six Construct

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is obviously also an important driver.

In general, all our projects are considered to be a challenge as such, due to their inherent complexity. However, if we have to identify a specific challenge, it would be to make sure that our payments are received on time, but we trust that a follow up and a dialogue with our partners will help us to overcome these challenges if they occur.

Infrastructure and environmental projects in the broad sense are where we believe opportunities will come. We also see prospects in transport, health, sport, leisure and tourism.

Alternative financing such as export finance and private-public partnerships (PPP) as new procurement mechanisms will become more popular in the region.

Furthermore, there is a definite trend towards privatisation in a number of GCC countries, but the process is logically longer, as we will have to see how this materialises in 2017 and beyond.

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