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Outlook 2017: Ahmed Alhatti, CEO, Cayan Group

Determination is key to success and to reversing any negative impacts around. The fluctuating economic conditions will continue. However, additionally, in Saudi Arabia we expect there to be some challenges arising in recruitment and in order to oppose these, we have put in place policies to offer internships, and partnerships for training with educational and vocational institutes.

Preparation is key, so eventually we recognised that a contingency plan should be in place to face any persistent economic conditions in 2017 locally & internationally.

In fact, this will back us up and at the same time will add value to our business. In 2016, Cayan Group broke-into the hospitality sector through Cayan Hospitality, and the development of projects such as Cayan Cantara.

Hence, the new area of focus and strategic expansion for us at Cayan will embrace hospitality given that this sector is emerging effectively and widely.

We can’t underestimate the significance of investing in this area since it is a fast-growing sector in the region with many opportunities because of well recognised global events such as Dubai Expo 2020 and the booming events, exhibitions and conferences sector.

Besides that, Cayan Group will continue to spin its development wheel and seek expansion and penetration opportunities in 2017.

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