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News MEP Power 30 2021

MEP Power 30 ‘Celebrating the Best of MEP’:Thrasos Thrasyvoulou, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Managing Partner, Specon

In our Feb edition of Construction Business News ME, we highlighted some of the best leaders in the MEP Industry in the Middle East.

Read the full feature, right here: http://bit.ly/3jjPkuy

Thrasos Thrasyvoulou, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Managing Partner, Specon
Under Thrasos’ leadership, Specon and his core team have successfully delivered MEP projects valued over USD2.5 billion for landmark developments such as hotels and residential buildings, office and commercial towers, large-scale infrastructure developments/mega-projects including airports, hospitals, sports complexes, military establishments and ports. The firm specialises in high voltage turnkey projects (design and build) involving sub-station works, overhead lines, underground cabling, power, and water distribution networks.
Thrasos has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Surrey in England, graduating with First Class honours. He later completed a Master of Science in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning from the University of London. Thrasos is also the founder and managing director of several European-based companies that specialise in the delivery of MEP works, the distribution of electromechanical equipment and the provision of energy audits and solutions.