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MEP Power 30 2021 News

MEP Power 30 ‘Celebrating the Best of MEP’:CELCIUS

In our Feb edition of Construction Business News ME, we highlighted some of the best leaders in the MEP Industry in the Middle East.

Read the full feature, right here: http://bit.ly/3jjPkuy

Performance of key building services like HVAC, water lines and electrical works, depend on the quality of the MEP design adopted. Such professional MEP design needs to be adopted in its full capabilities to deliver a successful implementation of the project. Celcius being a fast-growing electromechanical company in Dubai can assure top quality industry standard installation of MEP works.
Celcius use reputable brands when installing of main distribution boards, sub-main distribution Boards, switchgear.  Additionally, the bus bar system meets all standards and provides modern and cost-effective solutions for electrical power distribution.
Celcius HVAC Services includes providing heat load calculations. Furthermore, design, fabrication and installation of ducts, chilled water pipes, fittings, valves and accessories, and calibration of FCU & AHU.

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