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Video: In Conversation With John Pearson, Global CEO Of DHL Express

Vibha Mehta, Editor-in-chief of Logistics News ME had a chance to speak to John Pearson, Global CEO of DHL Express, who happened to be visiting Dubai early last month.

The LNME team was invited to the DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Centre in Dubai for the media briefing for the ‘DHL Global Connectedness Index 2022,’ which took place on March 15, 2023. The principal author of the DHL Global Connectedness Index, Prof. Steven A. Altman of the NYU Stern School of Management, and John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, provided a more thorough examination of the present condition of globalisation, international flows, and the most linked countries. Also, guests heard from Mohsen Ahmad Alawadhi, CEO of Dubai South’s Logistics District, on the emirate’s efforts to be one of the most cutting-edge corporate centres in a globalised society.

After which, Vibha chatted with John about DHL Express’s regional activities, automation, and much more. Tap the button people watch the complete interview…