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Khansaheb FM Collaborates with Provis to Rollout ‘Less Plastic, More Water’ Initiative

Khansaheb FM (KFM), a renowned Dubai-based facilities management company, has partnered with the leading real estate services firm Provis to organise a ‘green’ event called ‘Drink More Water, Use Less Plastic’. The event aimed to shed light on the negative environmental impact of excessive consumption of single-use plastic water bottles and the importance of staying hydrated.

Attended by the management teams of both Provis and KFM, the ‘Drink More Water, Use Less Plastic’ initiative and event highlighted the importance of sustainable business practices, and the environmental protection measures that companies can take to lead by example. Reusable metal water bottles were also given to attendees in an effort to encourage the adoption of a plastic-free lifestyle.

Oliver Sawle, General Manager, KFM said, “At Khansaheb, we actively seek opportunities to implement new and effective environmentally friendly initiatives and business practices with the goal of protecting our environment and planet. The ‘Drink More Water, Use Less Plastic’ campaign was one of the notable ways we could demonstrate our commitment as a responsible business that shares values with its partner Provis, as well as to support the UAE government’s efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic.”

HP Aengaar, CEO at Provis, said, “Provis is happy to support Khansaheb with this green initiative that will positively impact the environment through waste reduction and encouraging recycling. By working collectively with our partners and wider real estate ecosystem, we believe that we can help preserve our planet and natural resources for current and future generations.”

KFM was also presented with an ‘Outstanding Partnership’ award from Provis in recognition of its collaborative efforts and outlook on sustainability, underscoring KFM’s commitment to adding value by integrating green practices into its business model whenever possible.