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Integrating AI into Architecture: A Promising Solution to Address the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Housing Challenges

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks innovative solutions to address its current housing challenge, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into architectural techniques holds great promise, according to Maximiliano Development Management Services (MDMS), a leading provider of project development services in Saudi Arabia.

“With a collaborative and cautious approach, AI has the potential to transform the field, assisting architects and engineers to create sustainable, efficient, and visionary architectural designs that will cater to the needs of the present and future generations,” says Engineer Marwa  Murad, managing director and founder of MDMS.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently facing a shortage of suitable accommodations after a mandate issued in 2021 required foreign firms to establish local headquarters by the end of 2023. This resulted in the influx of foreign workers or expats to the kingdom looking for properties to move into.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this issue, architects and engineers are exploring innovative solutions and considering the role of AI in the future of architecture as technology advances.

“By leveraging AI algorithms, architects can create efficient designs and perform rapid complex calculations, leading to enhanced building performance and optimized use of resources. Moreover, AI can analyze vast amounts of data, allowing architects to compare multiple options and make informed decisions regarding design, materials, and construction methods,” explains Engr. Murad.

“At MDMS, we foresee the predominant use of AI in the future of architecture. As technology continues to advance, AI will play an increasingly pivotal role in driving the development of smart cities, where buildings seamlessly integrate with transportation and energy networks. With our commitment to innovation and collaboration, we are prepared to embrace AI as a tool to enhance our capabilities and empower our architects to create groundbreaking designs that meet the Kingdom’s housing demands while fostering sustainable urban development.”

Meanwhile, Engr. Murad explained that “it is crucial to approach the integration of AI into architecture with careful consideration and thorough examination. Any application of AI should be subjected to rigorous study and evaluation by specialists to ensure its reliability, safety, and compliance with regulations. Collaboration between architects, engineers, AI experts, and relevant stakeholders will be essential in driving the responsible and effective implementation of AI technologies in the architectural industry.”

She adds: “While embracing the possibilities offered by AI, it is essential to emphasize that human architects and engineers must remain at the helm of the creative and decision-making processes. The integration of AI should be seen as a tool to augment human capabilities rather than replace them. Architects and engineers will continue to provide the necessary expertise, oversight, and creativity to ensure the successful implementation of AI technologies in the field of architecture.”

Maximiliano Development Management Services, headquartered in Saudi Arabia with branches in Bahrain, Egypt, and Australia, brings together a team of highly skilled professionals in project management and development. The company works closely with The National Housing Company in Saudi Arabia to develop housing projects for Saudi citizens, as well as collaborates with private sector developers under the Ministry of Housing’s housing program in partnership with The National Housing Company. Maximiliano offers a range of services that efficiently meet the requirements of the real estate market, including engineering services, marketing services, and research and economic studies.