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How Can PlanRadar Help Logistics Companies Enhance Their Operations?

A cloud-based SaaS field management tool for communication and documentation in building and real estate projects, PlanRadar is independent of platforms and gear. Maintenance, building inspections, construction documentation, handovers, fault and task management, and other uses are all possible. Teams may interact, exchange digital floor plans or BIM models, and track information using web applications for all smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Additionally, PlanRadar’s digitization of workflows lowers the frequency of errors, frees up time for everyone involved, and allows for substantial productivity improvements. Customers report saving up to 7 working hours each week. The firm, which has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, currently gives more than 20,000 clients in more than 65 countries the ability to track, connect, and resolve issues on all global construction and real estate projects.

The Co-Founder, Group Co-CEO, and CEO for MENA & APAC at PlanRadar, Ibrahim Imam, explains his thoughts on how the logistics sector may benefit from this application.

Logistic centres and warehouses play a critical role for businesses, regardless of size or industry. These facilities must be managed and maintained to optimal levels, ensuring goods are stored safely and transported efficiently.

With facility management and maintenance being an integral component to the success of logistics companies, PlanRadar provides its clients with the tools they need to ensure their facilities run smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the line, thus reducing production costs and enabling companies to compete in the global market.

Facilities management 

Facilities management teams may manage warehouses and logistics centres more effectively using PlanRadar. Facilities managers can plan, organize, document, and track activities in one location with simple task creation, automatic reporting, and real-time updates.

They can immediately obtain current information on their facilities and equipment to ensure they are always ready to go with the aid of PlanRadar, which assists them in scheduling maintenance, maintaining records, and monitoring the performance of warehouses.

The cloud-based platform from PlanRadar enables facilities management teams to view all project data from any location, enhancing collaboration and streamlining communication inside their facility. All of this guarantee improved long-term upkeep of logistical centres and warehousing facilities.

Fire safety

To protect their workers, infrastructure, and inventory from fire, logistic centres and warehouses must adhere to the strictest fire safety regulations. During fire risk assessments, PlanRadar makes gathering data simpler and identifying possible fire dangers before they become significant problems.

Users can easily access all required papers in one location thanks to customized forms, checklists, templates, and secure storage options, ensuring that crucial information is always available when needed.

Additionally, PlanRadar offers thorough reports on fire safety evaluations so that logistic clients can effectively maintain track of fire safety evaluation records and follow changes over time. This assists logistics clients in adhering to regional laws and ensuring everyone’s safety.

Using QR codes & NFC Tags with PlanRadar 

Clients may use PlanRadar’s support for QR codes and NFC tags to guarantee ongoing maintenance of warehouses and logistics centres and fire safety.

The different teams may rapidly access and manage necessary information or given tasks by posting these tags throughout the site and scanning them with a smart device’s camera or the PlanRadar app. This enables teams to increase cooperation, track the position of their assets and equipment, and provide everyone on-site with an easy method to access vital safety information.

PlanRadar task management using QR codes or NFC tags is a great approach to increase communication and free up time for additional chores.

In conclusion, PlanRadar is an effective digital task management tool created to support users in achieving better results through enhanced communication, collaboration, and reporting. By offering processes, automatic reporting, and integrated chat dialogues that can be customized to meet any project or industry, it simply adjusts to the user’s unique demands.

From Logistics News ME January 2023 Issue.