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Fine Hygienic Holding Adopts a Classroom at Al Noor Training Centre

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) is proud to demonstrate its commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility by adopting a classroom at the Al Noor Training Centre. FHH, one of the world’s leading wellness groups and the MENA’s largest paper manufacturer, pledges to provide financial support to the Dubai-based facility, as well as take an active role in fostering an inclusive environment that supports individuals of determination.


The inauguration of the classroom was attended by James Michael Lafferty, the CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding as well as Ranjini Ramnath, Director of Al Noor Training Centre and included a host of students getting training in the Mass & Media Communications Vocational Training Unit,  interviewing Lafferty, quizzing him on his decision to adopt a classroom. “We as a company aim to give back as much as possible to society. It is imperative that big corporations involve themselves in such initiatives and I have learnt so much from meeting these students today. Fine Hygienic Holding is honoured to sponsor a class at Al Noor,” he said.


The Al Noor Training Centre is a non-profit organisation that provides educational and vocational training to individuals with disabilities. With more than 40 years of experience, the centre has helped thousands of individuals work towards achieving their full potential and fully integrate into society. Fine Hygienic Holding’s decision to adopt a classroom reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility and diversity. The company recognises that individuals with disabilities face unique challenges and barriers to employment and education and is determined to help create opportunities for them to succeed.


By providing financial support to the children at Al Noor Training Centre, FHH is contributing to the development of a more inclusive and equitable society. The company’s involvement will help the centre provide high-quality training to individuals and give them access to their environments. The donation will contribute towards the education and rehabilitation through therapies of students in the class.


“We are delighted to be partnering with the Al Noor Training Centre. At Fine Hygienic Holding, we believe that everyone deserves both opportunities and access to education and employment, regardless of their background or circumstances. We are committed to creating a more inclusive, accessible society and we hope our support for the Al Noor Centre will make a positive difference in the lives of these individuals,” said Lafferty.


Ranjini Ramnath, Director from Al Noor Training Centre, added: “We are so grateful to Fine Hygienic Holding for taking another significant step forward in the quest to promote social responsibility and inclusivity in the UAE. The company’s support will enable us to continue providing high-quality education and vocational training and help us create a more inclusive and accessible society. We hope this partnership will inspire other businesses to support our cause and contribute to the development of a more equitable society for all.”


It is noteworthy that last year FHH supported Rashid Center, where it inaugurated a specialist classroom that facilitates the support and development of autism spectrum students.


On the other hand, Al Noor’s operations are heavily reliant on goodwill support from corporate sponsors and benefactors. The centre currently provides education and development services to more than 190 young students, nurturing their potential and independence.

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