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EFS Group launches the CSR Initiative ‘Abhaar’ focused on unskilled migrant workforce welfare

On the auspicious occasion of Indian Independence Day, “Abhaar”, a worker welfare association was established under the patronage of EFS Facilities Services Group in India to provide a philanthropic platform for the upliftment of unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

Abhaar’s mission will transcend majorly into assistance in identification of job opportunities (overseas), assistance for overseas migrated workers, and rehabilitation or settlement for returning workers.

On the global stage, the onset of COVID-19 added to the imbalance in their socio-economic structure wherein the migrant workers witnessed life-altering challenges such as job losses, salary cuts, repatriation on very short notices, no employment opportunities in their own home countries, deprivation of basic needs such as fair living standards, timely wages and access to public health infrastructure.

As a “people’s first” organization across the MEASA region, EFS Group identified the need for self-actualization concerning the welfare of these workers in the larger society.

As India marks its 75th year of independence, EFS leadership and blue-collar staff of the company, representing the diversity of nationalities unveiled the Abhaar Logo at the event, an initiative to create programs that will serve the immediate and long-term interest of the migrant workers. EFS conducted surveys across the group’s regional operations to identify and encourage migrant workers to submit ideas for their incubation projects for their future.

The CSR initiative launched by EFS has its main base in India and plans to expand its footprint in the near future to the communities in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and countries in Africa.

Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group, said: “We all can help these migrant workers by improving their financial security and self-actualization through upskilling, reskilling and educating them about their avenues of a better living for them and their families.

Abhaar is an initiative that understands the woes and underpinning challenges of the unskilled and semi-skilled migrant workforce. The platform stands firmly to support their cause for sustainable living with economic and social impact for them, their families, and the society at large. EFS aims to address key issues of the migrant workforce on recruitment/onboarding, remuneration, living conditions, holistic social needs, microfinancing needs, and rehabilitation.

EFS Facilities Services has served the region for over 21 years with integrated facilities management services delivered by its diligent workforce. Acclaimed by the Taqdeer Awards 2018 and 2020 for industry best practices in worker welfare and the GCC GOV HR Awards for Organization of the Year for Best Happiness Initiative, EFS continues to empower its blue-collar staff through different initiatives with recorded success over the years.