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EFM Global Logistics: The Top-Notch Logistics Solutions Provider To The Live Events Industry

A pioneer among its contemporaries in offering logistical services to the Middle East’s live events industry, EFM Global Logistics was established in 2000 and has 15 years of expertise in the Middle East.

EFM provides supply chain management, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution, and project cargo logistics, with a focus on the thriving live events industry. Companies that provide logistics services must operate in strict accordance with the schedule because the industry is all about rigorous unshakeable deadlines.

From successfully executing numerous activations at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year and Expo 2020 to providing for US rapper Kendrick Lamar’s appearance at the Abu Dhabi F1 concert, EFM Global Logistics offers unparalleled expertise to its clients.

Employees and suppliers at EFM Global Logistics frequently face limits. Therefore, they live by the maxim ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once.’ This encourages them to guarantee that they will hit deadlines by virtue of their planning and project execution. According to Marcel Meyer, Commercial Director at EFM Global Logistics, “When we have to deliver cargos to remote locations, we have to send surveys to evaluate the load, enhanced impact of the weather, shipment’s route, and timing, which may lead to uncertain situations.”

The relocation of the James Webb telescope for NASA was one of the most remarkable achievements. “It took several years to plan the entire move from the US, and now it is in space and taking pictures,” adds Marcel.

There is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances when working on such massive projects, necessitating immediate action. “It can be necessary to make last-minute changes to a stage set-up or convert a maritime shipment to an aviation shipment. It’s also crucial to remember that most of our clients and users of our services have no prior experience with logistics,” according to Marcel. “They need to comprehend the logistics to plan and organise the event. They thus give us everything,” Marcel continues. “We also look after their logistics and the overall extended partners of the project.”

Being one of the market leaders in this niche, EFM’s clientele comes from almost every industry and walk of life. They don’t have conventional divisions like import, export, air, or sea freight. “In our organisation, project managers and coordinators oversee numerous initiatives. They will establish a relationship with the client and carry out their requests,” declares Marcel. Ensuring deadlines are met, and all last-minute requests and adjustments are addressed as soon as possible.

When communicating with clients, EFM Global Logistics is open and honest, informing them whether a timeframe or a particular mode of transportation makes sense and making any necessary recommendations. “We never let our customers down, which is why they trust us. Because we can tell from the start if something is possible, we consistently succeed and will always be able to advise our clients,” states Marcel.

EFM separates out from other freight forwarders because each project has an on-site manager who oversees everything, from supervising loading and unloading to lashing and beyond. EFM maintains quality certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 20121. The highest levels of health and safety are also prioritised by EFM Global Logistics, who always wears a standard safety vest, safety boots, a helmet, and gloves.

According to Marcel, “We worked hard to help decorate the city for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year. The FIFA Fan Fest was one of our greatest projects, which we also coordinated.” EFM had a team on-site for the World Cup and had already begun planning for specific festivals, activations, and the country’s city decorations. “We were working directly with the Qatar entities – consulting them and conversing with them about what to do for various logistics operations.”

Additionally, EFM Global Logistics managed the on-site logistics for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pavilion at Expo 2020, curated massive concerts for Rammstein, seven 747s full of kit, and recently completed tours for the Slipknot and Deep Purple.

In the Middle for 15 productive years, EFM Global Logistics continues to expand in the region, opening a significant new warehouse and additional offices in Riyadh, with other locations in Saudi Arabia to follow. ”

“The customer always comes first,” concluded Marcel. “We go to the ends of the earth for them. We have carved a niche. It’s the EFM way.”

From Logistics News ME May 2023 Issue.