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EDGE appointed as Lead Consultant and Design Architect for three new hotels in Dubai

EDGE has been appointed as lead consultant and design architect for three new hotels: Reveir Hotel (the first in the Middle East), Hilton Garden Inn and Holiday Inn Hotel and Residences all situated in Business Bay, Dubai.

The Revier Hotels continue to grow: after the successful opening of the ‘Revier Mountain Lodge’ in Lenzerheide in December 2017 and the start of construction of the second hotel in the well-known Swiss resort of Adelboden, the Revier Hospitality Group is now expanding its portfolio outside Switzerland. Their third hotel, due to open in 2020, will be located in the business district of Dubai – Business Bay and will accommodate 226 rooms, spacious pool, gym, restaurants and bars.

Picture: Hotel Revier

Business Bay continues booming. Multiple projects continue to be planned and constructed in this exciting and new part of Dubai. Kingston International have appointed EDGE as Lead Consultant and Design Architects for its 29 storey twin hotel towers in Business Bay.


Picture: Holiday Inn and Hilton Garden Inn

The operators are two separate international hotel brands – Hilton Garden Inn and Holiday Inn Hotel and Residences. The hotels are strategically positioned in close proximity to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa with views over the Dubai Canal.

“Architecture is a poetic act and we are conduits of its message, communicating the inherent beauty which can be emphasized in any kind of thoughtfully designed structure. Every building we create, small or big, has its own narrative. We interpret the opportunities and constraints into an optimized solution with a good balance of all
factors, and from this the building’s story emerges on its own,“ said Ivar Krasinski, EDGE Design Director.

Design is balanced with EDGE’s role as Lead Consultant, interpreting the client’s vision and conveying it in a clear and coherent message. EDGE’s effective communication and planning skills were necessary to avoid disconnection and create beautiful synergy between all building elements and stakeholders.

“On this project, everything was based around the feedback loop. Design is an iterative process which requires everyone’s participation. Our clients are co-creators, not just the end-product recipients. We don’t just design the building for, but also with, the client,” added Ivar Krasinski.