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Dubai Municipality initiative reduces construction costs by 12%

A new initiative by Dubai Municipality that allows contractors to design and supervise metal structures for industrial projects without appointing consultancy offices has reduced the construction costs by 12% and the project licensing period by 33%.

Dawood Al Hajiri, director general of Dubai Municipality, said: “It is one of the many initiatives that will be launched by the Municipality in a bid to simplify the procedures and reduce the cost of building and encourage investment by creating a stimulating environment with easy and fast procedures. This initiative aims at reducing the steps of the new building permit procedures, which the Building Permits Procedure Development Committee has already launched in order to enhance international competitiveness in the ease of issuing building permits as per the World Bank guidelines to make Dubai a source of global best practices.”

He added that this initiative is only the first step within the Municipality’s roadmap to support investors and reduce the cost of construction. He stressed that the stimulating investment environment brought by this initiative will save financial cost and enhance speed of completion of construction projects with steel and industrial buildings in particular to meet and keep up with the pace of development in the field of construction.

The Municipality has devoted its efforts to the success of this initiative and study its results on the local market, in terms of activating the design and implementation activity of the construction companies of metal structures.

According to this initiative, the contractors were allowed to submit directly through the electronic program for building licenses to obtain a building permit for industrial buildings, which does not exceed the height of ground and first floors, to design and implement the project without the presence of a consultant so that the company takes up the job of the consultant of obtaining building permits from the Dubai Municipality and oversee the progress of work in the project.

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