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Dubai: Construction of Deep Tunnel Storm Water System on track

Construction of a Deep Tunnel Storm Water System in Dubai is currently underway by the PORR-Six Construct joint venture (JV) for Dubai Municipality.

The objective of this project is to collect and convey groundwater and stormwater runoff from the Dubai World Central area (about 135 km²) and adjacent communities (about 245 km²).

Two Earth Pressure Balanced Tunnel Boring Machines (EPB TBMs) will excavate a 10km long tunnel with a boring
diameter of 11.05m – the biggest TBMs ever utilised in the UAE.

Following detailed and successful tests by PORR tunneling specialists on the two completely assembled TBM’s during the last couple of weeks in the manufacturer´s facilities in China, on July 29, 2018, representatives of the PORR-Six Construct JV signed the “Factory Acceptance Certificates” together with China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG).

The JV was awarded the tunnel contract by Dubai Municipality in October 2017 and it placed orders for two EPB TBM’s with CREG in November last year.

The factory acceptance tests were attended by senior representatives of Dubai Municipality and the project management consultant, under the leadership of Dubai Municipality project director, Dr Jayapregasham Tharamapalan.

Tharamapalan said: “The early procurement of the TBMs by the JV and timely manufacturing of the TBMs by CREG that met the strict factory acceptance tests form an important milestone in the project. Two brand new machines of this size have been purpose-built in such a short duration of nine months to meet the extremely tight project schedule.”

Christoph Duempelmann confirmed: “The PORR-Six Construct JV and CREG have been working very hard to meet the tight schedule till date. To finalize negotiations for such long-lead key equipment, and then design and manufacture two completely new TBMs of this scale in only nine months is extremely challenging, and was only achieved due to the great commitment of all parties, the joint venture including PORR technical head office team, the TBM manufacturer, the designer, the project management consultant and Dubai Municipality. Works are on track and timely completion before the Expo 2020 will be achieved.”

The TBMs are expected to arrive in October 2018, and the entire project is on track to be completed in time for the Expo 2020 in Dubai.

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