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DHG announces the launch of its inaugural Dubai project, valued at over AED 600 million, in February

DHG Properties, a distinguished Swiss property developer with a rich legacy spanning 30 years, is set to officially launch off-plan sales for its inaugural residential development in Dubai, rising in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) next month in February with pre-booking available to customers as of today. DHG’s upcoming project is a 430-unit spectacle that will grace the skies of JVC, contributing to the city’s upward real estate trajectory and predicting that Dubai’s real estate market will grow by approximately 15% in 2024.

DHG Properties has brought its signature touch of Swiss quality and unparalleled experience to deliver refreshing projects across Europe’s real estate landscape for over three decades. Through ownership and management of a portfolio worth CHF 700 million, it has evolved into the leading holding company in Switzerland’s real estate and construction sector. With a global portfolio of more than 1,000 apartments and the creation of upwards of 2,500,000 square meters of living space to date, DHG Properties is now set to bolster the UAE’s real estate sector with a premium and elevated offering while simultaneously adding to its pipeline of 1,000-plus developments and a gross development value is over 600 million CHF.

Dubai’s real estate sector’s growth is underpinned by the region’s focus on tourism and technology, as the UAE expects a population surge from 3.5 million people in 2023 to 5.5 million people by 2030. With this, increased housing will be essential to accommodate existing and new residents. In response to the market’s evolving needs, DHG Properties is set to stand at the forefront of this transformation with its commitment to developing premium and affordable housing options aligning with a critical demographic of Dubai.

The latest market insights reveal a surge of 19% in Dubai’s property prices over the past year, with an additional 5% rise in average residential property prices during the third quarter of 2023. Against this backdrop, DHG Properties will provide premium housing options to both investors and end-users, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the off-plan residential development sector and contributing to a forecast that expects about 40,000 properties in Dubai in the coming year, reflecting a significant increase compared to previous years where the annual range was between 15,000 to 30,000 homes.

This aligns with the region’s remarkable growth in the real estate sector, evidenced by a substantial 21.1% annual growth, reaching an impressive AED 630.2 billion in the region in the first ten months of 2023 and will continue to thrive in 2024. Dubai’s exceptional performance in the real estate market is underscored by the city’s contribution of 52.1% to the total value of real estate deals across all GCC countries. During the same period, Dubai experienced an extraordinary 57% annual increase in the value of real estate deals, showcasing the city’s resilience and attractiveness to investors.

Miloš Antić, Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors, commented: “With Dubai’s real estate landscape thriving, we are thrilled to leverage our proven track record in Europe to contribute to even greater progress in the UAE in the coming years. Our 430-unit premium project in JVC is the first building block in this journey, showcasing DHG’s commitment to quality and innovation and offering an elevated living experience. Recognizing the importance of aligning with market dynamics, we are confident that this will be a one-of-a-kind offering – as is every project we create and deliver – and we invite investors to get in touch ahead of our off-plan sales launch next month as we shape the future of the real estate in Dubai; one of the hottest markets, if not the hottest, for property right now.”

DHG Properties is contributing to the city’s growth and establishing new standards for innovation in the housing sector with its trademark touch of Swiss quality that has been seen across Europe since 1994. The company’s vision aligns seamlessly with the evolving market demands, solidifying its position in the UAE’s real estate landscape. Prospective buyers and investors seeking real estate projects that can provide strong ROI can contact DHG today to reserve their booking.