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CBNME FM Power 30 2021 News

CBNME FM Power 30: Phil Malem, CEO at Serco Middle East, Ranks 9th

CBNME reveals their inaugural FM Power 30 List in our March edition in which we celebrate the top 30 FM Leaders in the Middle East. Read the full version here: https://bit.ly/3bqf6ea


Ranking 9: Phil Malem, CEO at Serco Middle East

Phil Malem has been the CEO of Serco Middle East since March 2019. Since that time, the Middle East business has pivoted from being just another FM provider to becoming a true partner to their clients. This is in part due to their change in strategy, which now sees Serco Middle East focus on workforce, data, and digital asset management.

“Serco Middle East’s services traditionally have been known to be FM-focused, but we aren’t your traditional facilities management company. Revenue generation and operational efficiencies are currently top of our client’s minds as we enter the post-COVID world and we are helping them to understand how they can drive cost efficiencies by assessing their approach to asset and facility management; we can then deliver those savings by implementing the recommendations. It becomes a re-direction of existing operational expenditure in a more efficient way,” Phil explained.

Serco Middle East launched ExperienceLab last year, which essentially acts as a wraparound of their strategy of managing people, assets and data, to drive service excellence and put the experience of the end user first.

The addition of ExperienceLab to Serco’s proposition offers the first end to end integrated research, design and delivery offering in the region and is a key differentiator for Serco.

Serco now help its clients to use the unique understanding of data and insights generated by ExperienceLab to design or evolve and adapt their services to cater to the end user and deliver world class experiences.

Furthermore, nationalisation has also been an important part of their revamped strategy.

“To be a true asset to the countries in which we work, it is important that we foster and develop local talent. We have an extensive transform, train and transform approach to our projects, bringing international best practice and upskilling workforces. Something we launched last year for the first time was a graduate programme. Although it was a challenging time for many companies it was something, I was certain I wanted to proceed with – I am glad I did as it was hugely successful with over 4000 applications within a 2-week timeframe and we now have a great team of graduates on board,” said Phil.