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Bayut continues on a steady upward trajectory with record-breaking traffic of over 3 Million sessions recorded in October 2019

Bayut has announced yet another impressive milestone this month, with their monthly unique sessions exceeding a whopping 3 Million in October 2019! Following on from their incredible campaign featuring Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, Bayut has solidified their position as the most trusted real estate website in the UAE, with the largest inventory of available listings.

Bayut left its closest competitor behind in May 2019 and has since then been steadily increasing the gap with the latest numbers showing Bayut’s traffic crossing the 3M mark in monthly sessions as per SimilarWeb, a highly popular digital market intelligence platform.

The process of finding your dream home involves a lot more than just access to property listings. To cater to the requirements of property seekers all over the UAE, Bayut has created a whole universe of products and services to support users through every step in their property search experience. Apart from detailed listing pages, Bayut also has over 1,400 in-depth Area Guides explaining everything there is to know about the neighbourhoods in the UAE. Along with these resources, Bayut also has the region’s largest and most popular real estate blog MyBayut in English and Arabic which has an extensive collection of articles about nearby schools, latest rules, trending events and other relevant information about living in the UAE.

The core of the Bayut ethos is to facilitate a seamless experience for end-users and clients with an easy to use interface and content-rich segments supported by the latest PropTech solutions. In an effort to simplify the process for users, Bayut has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to develop over 45,000 bespoke, standardised 2D and 3D floor plans of properties in the UAE, which provide a birds-eye-view of the property. This year Bayut also hosted the region’s first-ever real estate summit, the Bayut Big Broker Event 2019 (B3DXB) which brought together close to a thousand real estate professionals from Dubai, for a productive discourse on the changing needs of the market.

During the event, Bayut also announced the launch of BayutPro, an exclusive app for agents registered on Bayut. This app is the first-of-its-kind and features a full suite of useful tools backed by advanced smart technology and AI-backed expertise.

Bayut has also never compromised on conducting extensive research to identify the pulse of the audience. The homegrown brand, which is the fastest real estate website in the world, has always delivered data-backed solutions to the industry and consumers and will continue to build and take real estate to a whole new level in years to come as well.

Commenting on this achievement, Bayut’s CEO Haider Ali Khan said: “Right from the beginning, our focus has been on solving local challenges. The fact that we are now able to address the needs of such a large number of people is not only rewarding, it is also indicative of the fact that our efforts are in the right direction.”
Elaborating on their unique approach, he added that Bayut will continue to focus on their long-term goals to provide a holistic property search experience.

“At Bayut, we have always emphasized on providing quality products and features, instead of looking at any short-term gains or goals. There is no short-cut to success and we have never chased accolades. When you do your work diligently and with sincerity, good things happen and success is a byproduct of the hard work. This is just the beginning, there’s a lot more to do and we are very excited about the future. We will continue to work hard to solve local challenges and use every tool at our disposal to maximise value for both our users and our clients.”

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