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Autodesk launches new service, SeeControl, to power IoT

Autodesk announced the launch of its new service, Autodesk SeeControl, a platform that enables the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing customers to capture, analyse and use data from remote products.

According to Autodesk senior executives, IoT refers to the growing ecosystem of physical things embedded with electronics, software and sensors that are connected to the Internet and to each other.

After acquiring SeeControl in September, Autodesk will use it to optimise their existing products and capturing the intelligence required to offer their customers innovative new services.

“The future of making products in the machinery and specialty vehicles industries is changing quickly and the expectations for online services have increased,” said Brian Roepke, senior director of product lifecycle management and IoT, Autodesk.

Autodesk SeeControl can keep products running at peak levels, identify potential for failure before it happens and schedule maintenance downtime when it is least disruptive. Ultimately, manufacturers can bring their customers a level of enhanced services based on information about real world product performance and consumption.

Roepke added: “Since the acquisition, Autodesk has moved aggressively to further develop SeeControl by connecting it with core Autodesk services such as 3D visualisation. Bringing the live data from SeeControl into our engineering tools will better inform the next generation of designs and empower SeeControl customers in ways that weren’t previously possible before.”



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