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Al Muqarram Group urges property developers to use certified flame-retardant building materials to protect lives, property

Property developers in the region have been urged to embrace innovation and adopt new construction technologies that have been scientifically designed to enhance the safety of residential and commercial buildings.

Fire incidents that have engulfed several high rise buildings in the region have thrust property developers and contractors in the spotlight with stakeholders and consumers questioning the safety of some of the residential buildings in the region.

With such incidents occurring year-on-year, experts are now calling upon property developers and contractors to urgently incorporate readily available products that can significantly minimize the damage caused by fires.

According to Al Muqarram Group spokesperson, there’s an urgent need for stakeholders in the construction sector to ensure that their buildings and tenants are protected against fires, most of which occur during the summer season.

“The recent spate of fires in the region, if not brought under control, could reverse the gains made in the real estate sector. It is, therefore, crucial that players in the construction and real estate sectors embrace technologies that will protect buildings against fires,” said Safdar Badami, managing director, Al Muqarram Group.

Although there has been a slight reduction in the number of fires in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and especially in the emirate of Dubai from a high of 486 incidents in 2016 to 420 in 2017, stringent fire safety measures are still needed to protect lives and property.

As the region, led by the UAE, continues to undertake mega construction projects, focus has now shifted towards the hundreds of high-rise buildings being constructed using a variety of flammable materials generating concern in relation to fire safety.

“It is encouraging to see that the relevant authorities are enforcing tighter regulations and guidelines to protect buildings and the people living and working in them. On our part, we are also investing in research and development to produce highly-effective products that help to insulate buildings against fire hazard,” added Mr. Badami.

Established in 1999, Al Muqarram Group produces Dolphin Fire-Stop Silicone Sealant – a flagship product that has received approval from the Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence.

According to the firm’s product statement, the Dolphin Fire-Stop Silicone Sealant is a single component, neutral cure, gun-grade certified fire stop product that has been tested by Turkey-based Effectis Laboratory, which confirmed that this sealant can withstand extreme heat for up to four hours.
Al Muqarram Group’s fire-stop silicone sealant undergoes annual third party audit under the IFCC fire-rated product certification schemes SDP001 and SDP14, which verifies the entire manufacturing process.

Additionally, the Dolphin fire-stop silicone sealant has an effective adhesion to glass, aluminium, glazed surfaces and metals, plastics, tiles, wood, concrete and other building materials.