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Raimondi LR165 luffing crane climbed in Abu Dhabi

Raimondi Cranes Middle East team members executed the climbing of a luffing jib LR165 crane in Abu Dhabi at the Hydra Avenue, situated on Reem Island, and is under the contractor, National Project & Construction (NPC).

Wael Hassan, Middle East commercial manager, said: “Four mast sections were climbed on the Raimondi LR165, taking it from its original height of 29.5m to a height of 41.3m. The Jack Up procedure was first studied by Raimondi’s technical team ahead of the actual climbing and overseen onsite by Raimondi’s Middle East operations manager. Six Raimondi staff members in total took part in the climbing procedure including four of our technicians and one lifting supervisor, all under the direction of the operations manager.”

Developed by Hydra Properties, Hydra Avenue is a mixed-use high rise complex that includes six towers all between 24 to 29 storeys each.

Hassan added: “As part of this relationship, we have also executed personalised training for our client’s in-house team. The company’s operations team has been educated on the climbing procedures to enable them to further climb the crane without external assistance. With a strong emphasis on safety, we are pleased to instruct our clients thereby assisting in self-sufficient operations which is a recurring request in this region.”

Hassan highlighted that after bracing installation, the LR165 can be jacked up with a maximum of 10 sections above bracing. “That would enable the LR165 to reach a height of 70.8 meters, making this crane a versatile investment for larger contractors and developers. In addition to its durability and strength, the maximum height justifies the investment for many of the companies currently utilizing the LR165 in larger developments.”

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