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Nothing Wasted

CBNME looks at Mercedes Benz’ ever-evolving waste management range. By Matthew Treanor

The typical impression of waste management trucks is that they are noisy, chugging and dirty because, well, they do a dirty job. Ironically, because of increasingly strict regulations and growing environmental concerns, they are instead chosen by public authorities and contractors for their green credentials.

Rapidly growing cities, an expanding construction industry, large seaports and airports – all generate increasing quantities of refuse that needs to be disposed of professionally. This process normally involves two stages. The first stage involves refuse collection. In the second stage, refuse is either taken to a sortingECONIC plant, where reusable items are separated from the residue, or it is taken directly to an incineration plant. Mercedes-Benz says its trucks for municipal operations are tailor-made for the wide variety of tasks in cities and rural areas.

“When times are tough, we all have to be more productive – demanding more from our products, more from our services, and more from ourselves. And in the municipal sector it’s all the more crucial, as any downtime can impact service levels and cause more inconvenience,” says the German automaker.

The full range of Mercedes-Benz trucks has been designed and built with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

“Efficiency is the motivating force behind our range, designed to drive down not only fuel consumpt
ion, but every aspect of the cost of ownership and operation.”

Mercedes-Benz trucks offer a number of solutions for every demanding task in the municipal and waste management industry. Supported by a comprehensive after-sales network of over 40 Dealer locations and a comprehensive roadside assistance network, Mercedes Benz understands what’s important to operations.

The overwhelming majority of Mercedes-Benz trucks become tailor-made customer solutions by installing a body designed for the intended application. After rolling off the production line, two out of three Mercedes-Benz trucks head to professional bodybuilders for completion.

Thus, the quality which customers of a Mercedes-Benz truck finally experience is not only based on the quality of its chassis, but also in the particularly skilled and professional installation of the body: “For this reason, we at Mercedes-Benz consider Bodybuilders as our partners in the task of supplying our customers with the most suitable vehicle: fitted with the right body for their operation, and meeting all technical, safety and legal requirements.”

Bodybuilder Management

The Bodybuilder Management offered by Mercedes-Benz and its general distributors has been developed to improve the coordination between the product planning and production processes of everyon
e involved. Special frames, chassis or equipment details are discussed at an early stage, so that the optimum solutions can be found in advance. For example, when a chassis is placed on the production line, the body for which it is intended can already be preconfigured by its manufacturer.

Production of the body can be simultaneous, minimising time loss during the overall manufacturing phase. And delivery times for the end user are correspondingly reduced.


The productive Accelo

“Productivity is the keyword for the Accelo 915 C, the multi-functional 9t GVW truck, with the efficient, reliable 150 hp engine. Thus, the Accelo provides the perfect platform for those who seek practicality, efficiency and agility. Designed for the reality of urban traffic, the Accelo is a compact vehicle that offers great manoeuvrability and comfort for any requirement.”

The versatile Atego

“The Atego brings versatility and productivity in its DNA for various waste management applications in the city. The Atego feels perfectly at home when space is tight. Efficiency, reliability and quality make the Atego your ideal partner for flexible operations down narrow streets. The Atego’s frame combines low weight with a highly robust design, while its ‘Z’ shape and a 50-mm hole matrix enable bodies and mounted components to be installed without drilling additional holes.”

The reliable Axor

“The Axor Exemplary reliability, high payload, low fuel consumption and driver-focused comfort – this makes the Axor stand out. It features powerful performance and a diversity of variants for everyday operation, leaving nothing to be desired. With its high payload capacity, two application-based cab variants and its robust, reliable technology, the 18?–?26t class Axor makes no compromises.”

The rugged Actros

“The Actros – which recently celebrated its 20th year (pictured) in the Middle East and North Africa region – offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong and rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region. Actros refuse collection vehicles can handle large quantities of waste in a single load, thanks to appropriately rated engines. The Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency – three essential aspects in every segment.”

The urban operator Econic

“The Econic A Mercedes-Benz truck with a very special feature – a low entry cab with large windows for a comprehensive view. The Econic is ideal in the busy urban environment, with a range of specifications on offer to suit each and every operating requirement. The truck delivers a perfect solution for every application. It has made its mark in the highly specialist refuse collection vehicle sector.”



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