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Keestrack unveils R5e hybrid impact crusher unit

Following fully hybrid H4 cone crushers and B4e jaw crushers, Keestrack unveiled the R5e hybrid impact crusher
unit, designed to guarantee full capacity at low consumption costs with the aid of a directly driven 350 t/h crusher and electrical transport and screen components.

Keestrack track-mounted impact crusher units comprises three models, starting with the compact R3, which is proving itself on the market as a highly flexible 30 tonne “construction-site crusher”. Keestrack’s top-range R6 flagship model has a total weight of a mere 60 tonnes when fully equipped and remains the most prominent machine among the 1300-impactors for recycling, large-scale projects, and quarrying applications.

Thanks to the licence-exempt dolly transport it readily competes with the much heavier competition within the 450 t/h performance class. Moreover, the large-scale Destroyer unit has been available for several years as an R6e
model in a diesel-electric hybrid version with electric motors driving the conveyor belts and screen components.

Since 2014, the Keestrack R6e has been available with a 250-kW electric motor for the crusher and an electric 110 kW drive for the on-board hydraulic system, and optionally also the all-electric plug-in operation from the mains. Thanks to a high-performance on-board diesel engine, the large-scale crushers remain highly flexible, while up to 45% of the energy costs can be saved even in semi-stationary operations. Such an advantage is also directly reflected in Keestrack’s sales figures.

In 2016, 80% of the R6 machines were represented by diesel-electric or all-electric sales. This year, the total number units sold in 2016 was reached before the end of the first six months – 90% of these being in the form of hybrid or
fully hybrid models.

The Keestrack R5 is a mid-range series of models with approx 42t basic weight and a maximum 50 tonnes with an overband magnet and double-deck final screen including oversize material recycler. Even when it was introduced over three years ago the mobility and production rate of the diesel-hydraulic crusher proved to be virtually unrivalled for its performance class – and now following a series of upgrades, Keestrack presents the R5e, a diesel-electric version of its 350 t/h all-round model.

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