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Worldwide Distribution Center Sees Increase in Demand for Hair Care Products in Africa

Worldwide Distribution Center (WDC) has seen an increase in demand in the last 2 years for hair care products that care and nourish natural hair styles by consumers in Africa. The company has seen sales double for ranges by Strength of Nature USA, House of Cheatham Inc. USA, PDC Brands and Cantu Beauty.


WDC is one of the largest FMCG retail and wholesale distribution companies in the Middle East, specialising in supplying hair and body care products, perfumeries, soap and baby care items. The company supplies thousands of international, local and multicultural brands to retailers across the Middle East, Africa, East Asia and CIS.


As one of Africa’s leading distributors of Strength of Nature USA, House of Cheatham Inc. USA, PDC Brands and Cantu Beauty, the company has seen a steady increase since it started supplying to countries across the continent including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda in 2015.


Khamid Ismatullaev, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Distribution Center, attributes the demand to changing trends amongst young people, “When we first launched in Africa four years ago, products that cared and maintained relaxed hair were as popular but we are seeing less demand for these in recent months.


“Fashions change, younger generations are seeing celebrities and prominent people on social media with different styles, and they are educating themselves about hair care ingredients. They are looking for products that will nourish and are moving away from relaxants with chemicals that can damage their hair. Looking ahead, we are working with manufacturers to develop further product ranges to meet the demand.”

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