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World leaders laud Expo 2020 as beacon of hope, resilience and international solidarity

In the three months since opening its doors to the world, Expo 2020 Dubai has provided a beacon of hope for millions of people from around the world who have visited and participated, both physically and virtually, bringing together the international community in a show of resilience in uncertain times.

During those months, leaders and dignitaries from across the planet have attended the event, and their praise has been glowing – labelling Expo “a beacon for global optimism” and “an incredible accomplishment”, while highlighting its “vision” and how it has provided the world with “hope and a sense of dignity” and a “ray of light”.

Expo 2020 will continue to bring the world together during challenging times, with the need for resilience continuing in the face of the global pandemic, and demonstrating that, now more than ever, we need to keep pulling together as an international community.