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TIER launches climate-neutral eScooter service in Doha

In support of sustainable mobility, Berlin-based micro-mobility firm TIER launched its hi-tech eScooter fleet in Qatar.

TIER is the first micro-mobility provider in the Middle East to utilise a fully climate-neutral business model. It is based on a swappable battery technology. TIER operates in more than 90 cities across 11 countries.

Being TIER’s second country in the Middle East where the company pursues its mission to change mobility for good, Qatar will be at the frontline of deploying sustainable and green transport infrastructures.

The micro-mobility provider will offer its scooters, which will be located close to central transport hubs as well as other busy spots of Doha, on a 24/7 basis.

Framework conditions which include speed control and a designated business area with eScooters in prime locations have been defined and implemented in close collaboration with city officials.

Amir Melad, General Manager Middle East for TIER, said: “Launching in Doha and bringing our service to Qatar as the 11th country worldwide marks an important step in our long-term commitment to foster sustainable cities across the Middle East and globally. With our eScooters, we now offer residents and visitors of Doha an environmentally friendly alternative to seamlessly move around the city with zero carbon emissions.

“Especially in the current COVID situation, the use of our eScooters makes it easy for users to comply with WHO’s recommendations for social and physical distancing.”

TIER’s e-scooters boast of swappable battery technology, which eliminates the need to transport scooters to-and-from warehouses for charging. The local TIER team of permanent employees swiftly replaces empty batteries with freshly charged ones on-site, thereby significantly reducing transportation costs and harmful CO2 emissions. TIER’s operations model has enabled the company to remain climate-neutral since January 2020.

TIER eScooters in Doha are equipped with an array of features such as the largest front wheel, a wider footplate, a wireless phone charger, dual drum brakes and a double-suspension mechanism, ensuring the ride is as convenient, smooth, and safe for all users.

To celebrate its first launch in Doha, TIER will give first-time riders two complementary unlocks and 30 free minutes of usage added to their account when registering with the code “TIERDOHA”*.