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Noas Al Rawi, CEO, Bion Industrial, talks new plants, African expansion and 2016 plans

Talk to us about your new manufacturing facility in Dubai Industrial City

We’re planning to launch our new state-of-the-art plant in 2016 to expand our production capacity to 125 tipper trailers per month. The new manufacturing facility will employ a workforce of approximately 1,000 and expand the production line to include flat and low-bed trailers, skip-loaders and a wide range of municipal transport equipment.

Bion Industrial is showcased an expanded range of tipper trailers and cement bulker semi-trailers at PMV Live 2015.

How has this new fleet been received and what is the market reaction?

Our range of tipper trailers have been very well-received and performed above expectation; this is testament to the added value we provide to our clients through operational efficiency and high performance at lower operational costs. The new models come as a result of continuous development in line with our objective of keeping the customer business in focus and meeting their requirements in their areas of operation.

Tell us about your expansion plans for the African continent…
We’re constantly looking for opportunities to grow the business and penetrate new markets; Africa specifically represents a major growth potential for us and we believe that our world-class products will make a strong statement in these markets. We have started exploring opportunities in African countries like Nigeria and Kenya.

How is the Hardox-in-my-body (HIMB) programme ++ performing since its launch in June 2015?

We  joined the prestigious Hardox In My Body Program(HIMB), to give customers the ultimate quality stamp, by guaranteeing that all key wear parts of our tipper trailers are manufactured using the original HARDOX steel from SSAB – SWEDEN.

The Hardox steel contributes into extending the service life of our tipper trailers and further maintaining a lighter structure with optimal payload. This ensures the ultimate quality guarantee for our customers.

How did Bion Industrial fare in 2015 and what opportunities do you foresee going forward?

2015 was a very successful year for us. Our range of heavy transport equipment has been very well-received and we are pleased with the response rate received from our target markets and client base especially on Bion Tipper Trailers.

Going forward, we will strive for continuous product development to suit customer expectations and requirements and deliver optimum operational efficiency through our range of heavy transport equipment.

What do you attribute the rapid rise of Bion Industrial to?

I think that Bion industrial has managed to build a good reputation in the market through our product portfolio that boasts outstanding payload, second-to-none efficiency, advanced safety features and materials made to last.

What are the primary challenges that confront you particularly in relation to competition?

Our heavy transport equipment is manufactured using the highest quality materials and the latest technologies. These revolutionary changes to the market standard give us a competitive edge and set Bion Industrial apart from major players in this industry.

We are working closely with customers to demonstrate the added-benefits that our products deliver through higher levels of safety, operational efficiency and longevity.  The use of high-end materials in particular is immediately appreciated when realised by our clients, we aim to show that our products offer a higher return on investment for them.

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