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Savoye seeks to bolster business in the region, sets up base in UAE

Savoye, a global logistics solution engineering company, announced that it has established its own office in the UAE as part of its ongoing expansion in the Middle East.

The supply chain technology provider seeks to leverage the country’s geographical location and advanced logistics network to grow its markets and contribute to national efforts aimed at boosting industrial activities in line with the UAE Industrial Strategy 2030.

Savoye has a huge portfolio of solutions across 40 countries that combine hardware and software according to customer needs such as manual, semi-mechanised, mechanised, highly automated, and robotic installations.

The company, which has made EUR155-million turnover in the past year, provides cutting-edge equipment and warehouse management system (WMS) solutions which employ the latest digital technologies.

Commenting on the new set up, Frédéric Zielinski, Managing Director, Savoye EMEA, said: “The UAE has been taking strides in the growth of its supply chain and logistics sectors and we are confident that Savoye will find its place in the regional market. We are keen to actively take part in providing the best solutions for the industry which is poised to significantly serve the upcoming Expo 2020-21. Our automated solutions will help offer scalability and speed while at the same time improving work safety.”

Zielinski added: “We are optimistic for the industry’s growth potential which will primarily depend on e-commerce activity. Logistics companies will invest and enhance in last-mile deliveries through technology to create more agile supply chains.

“We believe there is a vast potential in the UAE market to expand our specialized logistics services as demand for data-driven intra-logistics services continues to grow and the UAE pushes ahead to achieve the UAE Industrial Strategy 2030.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated eCommerce platforms to thrive during the lockdown. The UAE has been resolute to enhance its logistics capabilities by embracing digital technologies to drive value for the supply chain.

To that end, Savoye is keen to bring to the market its more than 35 years of experience in retail logistics and the control of automated systems amid rising eCommerce demand and growing customer expectations on speed and accuracy of delivery across the globe.