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Rockwell Automation upgrades batch productivity for industries

Industrial producers with batch applications can now create more flexible, reliable, and productive operations with the latest release of FactoryTalk Batch software from Rockwell Automation.

The modern software enhances scalability and responsive control of distributed, skid-level phases with the integrity of plant-level co-ordination, while delivering an improved, reliable user experience with built-in mobility, the company said.

Dan UpDyke, product manager, Rockwell Automation, said: “Rather than trying to force-fit applications into rigid batch control systems, producers can now customise a modern batch system to their application’s needs. These enhancements give batch producers greater flexibility when designing, operating and expanding batch systems. They also enable producers to use mobile devices for a more intuitive experience and improved workflows.”

Integration with the SequenceManager solution from Rockwell Automation enables batch sequencing to occur at either the controller or server level. This allows machine builders to develop and deliver fully tested skids that end-users can integrate into their batch process with minimal validation and commissioning effort. It also minimises the rework required when manufacturers with small, controller-based batch systems expand to larger, server-based batch systems.

New mobile support can help create intuitive workflows, reduce procedural steps and increase collaboration. With mobile devices, workers no longer need to be bound to control rooms and fixed terminals. Instead, they can access real-time information, interact with processes and secure approvals from anywhere in a plant. A modern web interface also helps reduce the number of clicks required to access information, the company said.

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