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Renault Trucks prepares for a unique adventure experience in Bahrain

The Renault Trucks Xperience Days 2019, taking place in Bahrain from 8th to 12th April, will bring together an international audience of 450 participants from the truck industry in a unique experience which has been split into four key ‘adventures’.

The first section will involve a truly memorable test drive experience of the latest models in Renault Trucks’ long-haul range, including the T series as well as the construction ranges, with the K and C series.

The second and third sections consist of workshops on Renault Trucks’ transport solutions, taking in the topics of safety, fuel efficiency, after sales and financial services. Interactive discussions with Renault Trucks team of experts and guests will examine smart transportation solutions – increasing profitability for customers by optimising total cost of ownership – allowing Renault Trucks and customers to share opinions and expertise simultaneously.

The fourth and final section will see participants take on a fun-filled driving adventure experience. Alongside a professional driver, guests will take on the role of copilot and brave a challenging driving course in a Land Rover Experience along with Renault Clio Sport on the race circuit.

Speaking ahead of the event, the President of Renault Trucks, Bruno Blin remarked: “In 2018, we marked our fourth consecutive year of sales growth with a 10 percent year on year increase compared to 2017. Among many factors that led to this success, our close relations with our

customers and our continuous efforts to always be by their side played a vital role. It’s for this reason that we think it’s essential we come together with our customers at events like our ‘Xperience Days’ in Bahrain – we test together, we listen together, we work together.”

Reflecting on last year’s event in Turkey which hosted 500 customers, Blin concluded: “following last year’s event, we received very positive feedback from our customers; which led us to develop an even more interactive event this year. The 2019 ‘Xperience Days’ will not only give our guests the chance to test our long-haul vehicles, but will also focus on our construction and heavy construction vehicles. Our C and K series are a strong and assertive offering in their segments and I look forward to hearing what our expert customers think of them.”

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