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PTV Group to work with Khatib & Alami for railway passenger & freight traffic forecasts for GCC Railway

PTV Group, a market leader in software solutions for traffic and logistics sectors, will work with Khatib & Alami to implement GCC Railway passenger and freight traffic forecasts study, including the development of the GCC wide model in PTV Visum software. The project will ensure a more efficient way of transporting passengers and goods, by providing a comprehensive passenger and freight rail traffic forecast update

Ramadan Harb, Vice President, Khatib & Alami, said: “We will work to provide passenger and freight traffic forecasting with the support of PTV Group software and modeling expertise for the GCC Railway by the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf- Screteriat General (GCC-SG). PTV Visum software will be used to model the current conditions of the transport network for the GCC countries including traffic distribution and volumes across the different modes and transport links.”

The GCC Railway will be a regional integrated interoperable railway catering to the multi-modal transport needs of the GCC. It will link all the Gulf states and will serve as an alternative to air and sea travel for both cargo and passengers in the region. Being selected for this important transport project shows the growing popularity of PTV’s software among regional transport authorities in order to support transport planning and operations decisions.

Commenting on the win, Andrea Petti, Managing Director, PTV Group, India, Middle East & Africa (IMEA), says: “With this win, our transport planning software PTV Visum will become an integral part of GCC’s ambitious railway passenger and freight services network project. Once fully established, this network will connect all GCC countries, offering an integrated transport platform for freight and passenger services. The GCC network will be a game changer for daily commuters, offering hub to hub transit services, and for logistics operators providing efficient multimodal long haul connectivity.”

Traffic analyses and forecasts using PTV Visum will empower transport planners and operators to make key decisions such as where in the network shall the lines run, how can they be connected and the frequency of lines. This will ensure a more efficient way of transporting passengers and goods.

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