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Logistics News LOGISTICS POWER 25 2021 News

Power 25 2021: Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO, Trukkin, Ranks 12

Dalmia entered the competitive logistics market with the inception of Trukkin in 2017 and has worked tirelessly to become a successful founder of the region’s leading techno-logistics platform.

Born out of a zeal to offer unique features and optimised opportunities in a saturated market, his inventive entrepreneurial spirit has further grown the start-up to an established leader in the industry.

Right from its inception, Trukkin’s core focus has remained to seamlessly unite its world-class cloud-based intelligent operations and services with shippers, brokers, and drivers through an integrated and user-friendly interface. Focus remains on further providing other value-added services which lay the groundwork for increased financial inclusion for the unbanked and bought about much-needed transparency and efficiency for suppliers.

Under his able leadership, Trukkin has recently secured SAR26 million for its Series A funding round. The round was led by Saudi-based Emkan Capital with the participation from Impact46 Seed Fund, Taya Group, and other strategic investors. With this financial acceleration, Dalmia has ambitious plans of making Trukkin the preferred enabler that will bring the fragmented logistics market together on an integrated, world-class platform.

His strategic vision helped the venture grow in revenues despite the challenging business environment in 2020. Trukkin also established a strong presence in Pakistan during the same time and is now set to tap the enormous growth potential of the logistics industry in the MENAP region.

Dalmia’s expertise in harnessing opportunities and strategising target-oriented development has immensely helped Trukkin become the success story it is today. Whilst being a niche logistics aggregator, Trukkin has expanded into several geographies in just three years.

At Trukkin, honing service offerings is an ongoing process due to Janardan’s constant quest for perfection, competitiveness, and transparency. It is no surprise that the company has been offering instant benefits to its customers when it comes to reducing overheads, optimizing routes, timely payments, and real-time tracking.

Dalmia’s success essentially lies in his penchant for solving complex problems with innovative solutions. Long before he established Trukkin, he had a high-impact career as an investment banker where he was associated with over USD75 billion in M&A and financing assignments for clients globally.

He worked closely with developed and emerging markets for over a decade. This robust experience helped in crafting the nuances of business for Trukkin making it a platform with innovative solutions and pioneering initiatives.

Dalmia has also been leading the company as a CEO and is committed to transforming it into a leading regional logistics enabler. As an industry thought leader, he is a regular at many panels discussion and he has graced the podium as a speaker at the Future IT Summit 2020 and Amwal – PE Forum among several others.

“Professionalism and time-sensitivity remains at the core of logistics business. These unprecedented times have made us strong to turn challenges into opportunities. There’s no looking back when the horizons of success beckon and the key is to remain focused and determined,” he tells LNME.