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LNME Power 25 CEOs 2020: Gaurav Biswas, Founder and CEO of TruKKer, Ranks 13

For our special feature, with close to 100 submissions from all over the GCC and the Middle East, the Logistics News ME team gives you a round-up of the Top 25 CEOs in the Logistics Industry.


Ranking 13

Gaurav spent 14 years in International consulting across the UK, US, and the Gulf before starting TruKKer. He is an execution focussed, a commercial champion who strongly believes in the opportunity to organize a very primitive, traditional but fundamental land transportation sector.

TruKKer is currently the industry leader in technology-enabled land freight operations. TruKKer is the most advanced digital freight platform in the MENA region. Since its beginning at the end of 2016, TruKKer now operated 25,000+ trucks across 16 offices in the region.

TruKKer has been on a tremendous growth path constantly over the last four years. It now services 500+ enterprise clients including multinationals, regional large corporations, and SMEs.

Gaurav says, ‘On an average day, the platform is moving 1000+ truckloads per day and this is constantly growing month on month. This kind of growth is very difficult to execute without the right technology and automation. This is where we focus – to ensure we are constantly creating tools that help us scale and automate. Our engineering teams also focus a lot on data sciences where thousands of data points are created daily. The ability to dissect, analyze, and process this data for decision making creates strong competitive advantages for us.’

TruKKer’s primary products include FTL (Full Truck Load) for cross-border and domestic movements across the MENA region including services at most of the seaports. TruKKer recently launched its LTL (Less than Truckload) product in KSA and will soon commence offering this in its other markets. “The launch of additional products within the land-freight sector is now imminent as we continue to find more solutions for our clients. Our LTL product will significantly improve utilization via the use of technology, that should offer immediate savings to the industry,” adds Gaurav.

TruKKer is currently under incorporation in multiple additional markets, while it continues to grow rapidly in the region.

TruKKer’s investors include the largest investment funds in the region including STV and international institutions like IFC (part of the World Bank).


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