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Increased Global Supply Of PU-Based Adhesive Improves Choice And Supply Chain Resilience

Manufacturers and end users worldwide benefit from the increased availability of PU-based adhesives following the introduction of the new PearlBond adhesive range produced by the leading Dubai-based system house, Pearl Polyurethane Systems. Previously, manufacturers in many parts of the world had access to a limited choice of suppliers, constraining production levels and restricting R&D opportunities. Pearl has increased choice and supply chain resilience by increasing production levels available globally with the added benefit of ongoing technical support provided globally by its fly-in, fly-out R&D team.

Two major manufacturers are already utilising the new PearlBond adhesive product in their manufacturing processes and are benefiting from both short delivery times and ongoing technical support. This means manufacturers can adopt a more efficient ‘Just-In-Time’ (JIT) inventory model, tying up less capital by reducing the quantity of stock on hand at any one time. Pearl intends to continue its product roll-out beyond the Middle East region, with its sights set on South-East Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. 

The new PearlBond product is commonly used as a binder for running tracks, children’s playground mats, garden tiles, and various other outdoor use cases. PU-based adhesives are also used in sandwich panel insulation manufacturing as a lamination adhesive, as well as a roofing adhesive for various construction applications and wood binders for structural uses. Further applications are lamination adhesives used in the packaging industry.

Kapil Deshpande, sales head of CASE-applications at Pearl Polyurethane Systems, commented, “When compared to competing for rubber and thermoplastic materials, polyurethane-based adhesives can provide a more cost-effective and durable solution suitable for moulding and processing equipment when formulated accordingly. This is precisely where the new PearlBond adhesive can help. 

“However, our main point of difference is our agility and the ongoing technical support provided by our experienced R&D team, which provides support to manufacturers in real-time using video conferencing or on a fly-in fly-out basis – especially important when urgent production or application process needs arise. It is this type of agility and quick response times that resonate with manufacturers and end users worldwide. By increasing the production of PU-based adhesives, we can react more quickly to customer needs and protect against the risk of delivery delays, enabling manufacturers worldwide to forecast their production plans further into the future. 

“Furthermore, a key advantage is our central location in Dubai, providing moderate energy costs, affordable labour, access to optimised raw material sourcing, and excellent connectivity with dropped shipping rates. We are thrilled by the positive feedback, which has exceeded our expectations and resulted in increased orders for our new PearlBond adhesive product,” said Deshpande.  

In 2021, Pearl’s R&D team won the ‘Innovative Insulation Project of the Year 2021’ award for the first R&D initiative of its type launched in the Middle East, and again this year for launching it’s new, more sustainable EcoPearl insulation product, which achieved an overall improvement of up to 20 per cent in insulation performance over comparable products. In doing so, Pearl is enabling the construction industry to play its part in the fight against global warming.

Operating since 1996, the company has supplied polyurethane systems for several trailblazing projects in the Gulf region, including Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates, and more recently, the Germany Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 and, Bustanica, the world’s largest vertical farm for Emirates Airlines flight catering in Dubai.

Pearl Polyurethane also offers a comprehensive range of polyurethane formulations and prepolymers for producing high-performance polyurethane foams and elastomers.