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GrubTech to debut 3D printed smart locker system for food delivery at Expo 2020 with Talabat

GrubTech, an all-in-one platform for restaurants and cloud kitchens launched the first 3D printed smart locker system in a partnership with Talabat, the region’s online food and qCommerce (Quick Commerce) delivery platform.

The Smart 3D Locker system provides Talabat’s customers with a contactless pick-up option across Expo 2020 pavilions. Customers will be able to place their order on Talabat’s application and be notified when their order is ready for pickup from the assigned locker. Once at the locker, the customer will scan their unique in-app QR code for the locker to automatically unlock.

GrubTech’s smart locker system is manufactured by the UAE-based 3D printing bureau, Immensa Technology Labs and leverages advanced technologies to provide a robust, flexible, and secure solution to give customers the confidence that every order and package is delivered safely and securely.

“The development of this system showcases the true ingenuity and innovation of GCC companies. The Smart 3D Locker System is a result of the progressive thinking of Talabat, in combination with GrubTech’s cutting edge technology and the advanced digital engineering of Immensa. We are seeing much more innovation coming from the region,” said Fahmi AlShawwa, CEO Immensa.

All lockers are installed with a printed proprietary circuit board, a technology designed and developed by GrubTech that mechanically supports and electrically connects with any device, allowing organisations to control and monitor all lockers remotely. This technology will provide Talabat with full visibility on the end-to-end order journey, as well as a new level of control over operations.

Smart lockers will be positioned strategically at the Talabat pavilion at Expo for a convenient order pick-up experience.

Mohamed Hamedi, Chief Technology Officer at GrubTech, commented, “We are humbled to be participants in Expo 2020 and to showcase the latest innovation of contactless pick-up alongside our partners in Talabat. GrubTech has always been proud to be local and privileged to be a global player in the F&B space.”

“One of the key challenges faced by restaurant operators is the labour-intensive pickup process for any off-premise orders. The integrated technology enables organisations to follow the process and optimize costs via digital access management, live monitoring, and data analysis. GrubTech’s smart locker system can help restaurant operators or retailers streamline the pickup of all orders received. Operators can also improve and refine internal processes and systems by analysing the data collected from the smart locker system, ” added Hamedi.

The smart locker system helps restaurants and businesses focus on customer satisfaction, address operational challenges, and help them improve their operations with increased driver utilisation, mitigate labour and cost challenges, and improve the bottom line.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and accentuated the reliance on online contactless deliveries. According to recent research findings by Redseer, qCommerce, defined by very fast delivery from groceries, restaurants, and dark stores, is currently driven by food delivery which is contributing 85% to the total qCommerce sales.

The study also revealed that qCommerce today is taking up 20% of the region’s digital economy and is expected to contribute $20 billion in gross merchandise value by 2024.

Commenting on this partnership, Jeremy Doutte, Vice President UAE at Talabat said: “As Talabat continues to grow, innovation and technology remain key areas we are constantly striving to improve across all our business operations. Expo 2020 opened a world of opportunities, enabling us to explore new ways to deliver food to millions of expected visitors as the Official Food Delivery Provider.

He added: “By working closely with tech partners such as GrubTech, we are able to introduce different modes of delivery while having full control and visibility on the end-to-end order journey. Customers will be able to pick up their orders from smart lockers at Expo for the first time, a solution that could potentially be implemented even outside of Expo in the future.”