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GAC Dubai contract logistics operations win ISO certification

GAC Dubai contract logistics operations have earned the ISO 22000:2005 accreditation owing to its commitment to quality and food safety.

The certification comes after a DNV audit, which confirmed the company’s compliance with the internationally recognised standard, the company said. It builds on the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system implemented across GAC Dubai since 1996 and incorporates the principles of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) – covering the storage and distribution of perishable food.

Distribution centre manager, Richard Potts, said: “GAC Dubai’s ability to underwrite its quality systems in support of customers’ supply chains is testament to its commitment to providing consistently high quality and safe services to its customers.

“Food reaches consumers through supply chains that may link many different companies, stretching across multiple borders. One weak link can result in unsafe food. The consequences can be serious and the cost to food chain suppliers considerable. Stringent control throughout the logistics operations is essential. Food safety is the joint responsibility of all participants in the chain and we take this responsibility very seriously.”

GAC Dubai contract logistics’ high hygiene and food safety standards, including batch and date control, are also applied to operations for the pharmaceutical industry, where there is currently no specific ISO accreditation relating to logistics operations.