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Editor’s Pick: Solving Global Maritime Data Connectivity Challenges


Solving Global Maritime Data Connectivity Challenges with Leading-Edge Solutions from Aanaar Consulting Ltd.

Today’s globally focused shipping and maritime industries require increasingly agile, secure, high-speed/high-volume data connections which are easily accessible from all regions of the world. Maintaining this reliable, high-capacity, ubiquitous data connectivity not only promotes operational efficiency, but also a critical component of keeping passengers and crew connected to friends, family and associates across the globe. Today’s operations require fast, reliable, user-friendly & dependable Internet access to handle a full suite of ship monitoring and management functions.

Managing this surging demand of data requires agile and sophisticated solutions to keep pace with expanding user requirements. At Aanarr Consulting Ltd., our experienced team examined this problem extensively from all angles and developed a full suite of advanced, flexible and cost-effective solutions. Our high-volume global data connectivity packages managed by a tailored life cycle control panel function for large vessels/container ships with Monthly bundled global packages for crews and corporate communications, Pre-Paid data SIM bundles for passengers of cruises, yachts and crews help solve the maritime data requirements for today’s vessels, cruises, yachts and crew’s internet requirement.

Addressing today’s rapidly expanding demand for flexible data connectivity need in terms of High speed, large/low data volume with long term / short term commitment period along with the ability to support modern vessel operations, ship monitoring & management along with crew internet connectivity needs requires innovative solutions. Globally focused maritime and shipping industries require agile, cost-effective and customized roaming data connections to maintain real-time, worldwide data access and communications.

Modern shipping companies also face extensive crew turnover due, in part, to a lack of sufficient connectivity solutions at shore allowing them to reach family and friends. Many companies allocate extensive resources to address this problem, but fail to obtain a viable solution.

The data connectivity required to fuel these essential modern functions now plays an instrumental role in the day-to-day lives and operations of crews and passengers on cruise ships, cargo freighters, leisure craft, offshore oil rigs and other vessels. In terms of primary motivators though, crew welfare is now one of the main drivers for increased data availability in modern shipping operations. Crews who possess data connectivity not only more readily maintain connections to friends and family, but also feel less isolated from the outside world. Meeting this need for crew-focused, high-speed 3G/4G data and Wi-Fi connectivity presents an ongoing challenge for the global maritime industry due to the lack of cost-effective, user-friendly options on the market.

Experience Leading-Edge Solutions from Aanarr Consulting Ltd.:

At Aanarr Consulting Ltd. we extensively analyzed the historical and emerging requirements for secure, flexible and reliable Maritime data connectivity and developed innovative solutions to address this critical need. By leveraging our vast industry experience, strategic global partnerships with mobile network operators across 200+ countries and 600+ networks we were instrumental in introducing high-speed data connectivity solutions to the maritime industry which allow onboard crew and passengers to connect multiple devices to the Internet through a full suite of cost-effective, customized connectivity solutions. These solutions deliver expanded coverage areas while decreasing connection costs to end users.

Through our full range of customizable online SIM Management platform, we specialize in delivering High speed large/low volume data connectivity solution for crew Internet, ship monitoring for vessels and other essential features required by maritime and shipping companies. Backed by LTE/4G/3G networks, the sims are compatible to use on any kind of devices like smartphones, Portable Mi -Fi Devices , Routers, dongles where captain of the ship and crews unlock access to high-speed, secure data connectivity for crew internet and corporate communication.

In addition to delivering rapid, secure and globally-focused data for crew Internet and calling, our focus is on Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT too.  We provide game-changing reliable connection with coverage and speed to support today’s modern maritime industry across over 600+ networks globally. These innovative solutions allow businesses to meet the rigorous operational requirements of entire fleets of vessels while enjoying a full suite of tailored, robust connectivity solutions customized to your needs.

By delivering highly secure, affordable, high-speed LTE/4G/3G data connectivity, we enable a vessel’s crew and passengers to connect multiple devices to the Internet through a single SIM card. This Globe Trotter SIM card’s global data connectivity solution places optimized and reliable data connectivity in the palm of your hands and addresses the full spectrum of today’s modern maritime data environment.

Aanarr Consulting Ltd. enhances shipborne operations, communications and crew welfare through specific products uniquely tailored to the maritime industry including:


  • Large volume data SIMs: This solution is best suited for larger vessels seeking the benefits of high-volume, reliable crew Internet access, ship monitoring capabilities from over 600+ global networks. From a single-SIM card solution, yachts, cruise ships and other large vessels can obtain real-time data activation/deactivation functions, usage information, alerts and more.
  • Pre-paid short and long-term, Global Trotter SIMs: These disposable SIM card solutions offer regional access for specific geographic operating areas including the EU, Americas, the Middle East and more, and they deliver high volume data (1GB-24GB) with 30 day to two-year validity.
  • Small volume data M2M/IoT SIMs: Ideal for global access across over 600+ mobile networks, our small volume IoT/M2M SIMs deliver data connectivity uniquely suited for ship tracking, asset management and a wide range of additional operational functions with secure, real time portal for SIM/Device life cycle management.

Sophisticated Account Management Features:  We offer a real-time control panel which hosts a wide array of sophisticated account management features uniquely tailored to support the rigorous wireless data connectivity requirements of today’s globally focused shipping industry including:

Working hand-in-hand with the Aanarr Consulting team unlocks a myriad of benefits for globally-focused maritime and shipping businesses including:

  • Between 20% to 40% cost savings over regular Maritime Data connectivity SIM card solutions
  • Agile global coverage across 600+ network connections
  • Full-scope portal management functions deliver a 25+% increase in operational efficiency
  • Multiple simultaneous data connections tailored to the capacity required
  • Easily-accessible, user-friendly enterprise or individual account management functions

Meeting current and future requirements for globally accessible, agile, and cost-effective data roaming Maritime data connectivity requires an experienced and reliable team in your corner. At Aanarr Consulting Ltd., our team delivers game-changing service for our clients due to our extensive industry experience, tailored mobile Internet and IoT connectivity solutions, flexible industry-specific approaches, strategic partnerships with global mobile network operators and more.



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