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Dubai: Humanitarian project by DP World earns praise

UK’s Corporate Engagement Awards decorated DP World Global Education Programme with first place for Best Evaluation on July 12, 2017.

The initiative consists of employees administering informative lessons to local schools spread across their vast network in an attempt to lift the confidence of young hopefuls who wish to foray into logistics. The project was ignited by the global trade enabler’s desire to fully provide youths with the necessary knowledge and comprehension of logistics, the maritime sector, and related career opportunities so as to ensure they receive a thorough foundation in the field.

The programme aims to reach 34,000 young people by 2020 and more than 250 employees have been involved to date, engaging over 5,500 students, across 14 countries, a description of the initiative says. The programme efficiently creates a stream of future employees and also increases job possibilities for smaller communities.

A recent poll found that the initiative has been hugely popular with schools, with 96% of teachers saying it provided pupils with something new their school could not, and 94% saying they would recommend DP World as an employer.

DP World group chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, said: “Our Global Education Programme is having genuine impact around the world and I am delighted to have our efforts recognised by this prestigious award. As a leader in global trade and logistics, we want our people and our resources to support education, and to raise awareness of trade and its crucial role in everyone’s lives. Our extensive measurement and evaluation of the programme helps ensure that it is constantly meeting the needs of students, teachers and employees, and ensures that we can create lasting change, adding value in the communities where we operate.”

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