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Dubai Aerospace Enterprise launches Rolls-Royce lessor service

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) has announced that it will be a launch customer for Rolls-Royce LessorCare, an integrated service offering for aircraft lessors.

Firoz Tarapore, chief executive officer of DAE, said: “LessorCare will provide comprehensive support across all Trent engine types under one comprehensive framework allowing DAE to reduce delays in accessing services and thereby increasing the earnings capacity of our engine assets. DAE will adopt LessorCare across its existing and future fleets of Trent-powered aircraft. We welcome the opportunity to work with Rolls-Royce to further enhance the product which in turn will allow us to make a bigger commitment to Trent engines on our fleet.”

LessorCare services will include customer support, transition and asset management services. Rolls-Royce further revealed that AerCap and Avolon would be on its list of launch customers for the service.

Mark Harrison, vice-president, customer business – civil aerospace at Rolls-Royce, said: “We are delighted to have this first wave of LessorCare customers. At Rolls-Royce we have a reputation for service innovation and LessorCare takes us another step further in 2018.”

LessorCare services include:

  • Customer support – Rolls-Royce’s network of technical support, publications, and training to optimise responsiveness and keep aircraft earning revenue.
  • Transitions services – a range of maintenance and availability services, to ensure aircraft move faster and more efficiently between leases. Services include engine maintenance and remarketing support.
  • Asset management – a range of solutions that build on Rolls-Royce’s experience of working in close partnership with airlines worldwide to maximise engine values through their life-cycle. These solutions will include LifeKey which will be our enhanced form of OPERA (Operating Lessor Engine Restoration Agreement) that provides portability and liquidity for maintenance value.

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