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DMCA reaffirms Dubai maritime development commitment

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has reaffirmed its commitment to promote, develop and regulate the maritime sector besides overseeing the improvement of the regulatory and operational procedures for berths in the emirate.

The authority’s actions are in line with the strong efforts to accommodate the growing demand for marine, commercial, tourism, sports and recreational vehicles, while ensuring the maritime safety, safe navigation and operational efficiency along the coastlines, said a statement from DMCA.

The follow-up of marine operations within Dubai’s territorial waters is part of the authority’s commitment to improve maritime safety, which is a key element in enhancing the competitiveness of marine cluster components and the cornerstone for the realisation of the objectives of the Maritime Sector Strategy by building a safe, integrated and sustainable maritime community.

Captain Khamis Weld Ghumail, the director of Maritime Traffic Management at DMCA, said: “We continue to monitor the maritime operations closely in the framework of fruitful co-operation and continuous co-ordination with our strategic partners from both the public and private sectors, in order to ensure the safe navigation and the successful operation of all maritime vehicles within the territorial waters of the emirate of Dubai.”

“We are responsible for regulating the anchoring of marine vehicles, as well as compliance with federal and local legislation and international treaties of the International Maritime and Maritime Safety Organisation, which is an important step forward in promoting the safety, competitiveness and attractiveness of the local maritime sector,” he added.

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