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Danube Home invests in Infor warehouse management system

Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, announced that Danube Home has invested in Infor SCE – a leading WMS (warehouse management system) – and its Infor OS (operating services platform) to accelerate its digital transformation as the company expands across the region. Infor’s implementation partner involved in the implementation is Vinculum, the warehouse management and logistics experts.

The Dubai-based business – one of the emirate’s largest manufacturing and retail companies – sells furniture products, garden furniture, decorative ranges, furnishings, homewares, chandeliers, electrical goods and accessories, ceramics and entire home range via its Danube Home showrooms. In an effort to enhance its supply chain, Danube Home chose Infor SCE to increase efficiency, throughput, and service levels of its operations– reducing costs and providing greater visibility for both clients and staff.

“Ultimately, increased customer satisfaction is what we are looking to achieve. From a management perspective, we have also invested in a dedicated resource to oversee fulfillment in our Danube Home showrooms. With a strong track record and reputation in the Middle East and around the globe, Infor was the right fit for us. Its warehouse management system required no customization and could easily be configured to our needs,” said Sachin Khosla, head of logistics at Danube Home. “The year ahead will be a busy one for Danube Home, with plans to increase our presence across India and the Arabian Gulf over the next 12 months, so it was especially important to select the most capable partner possible.”

This is the first deal between the companies and will see Infor support Danube’s plan for rapid regional expansion. Expected to go live in the UAE in August, Infor’s technologies will be rolled out to India, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

“This is a fantastic win for Infor – Danube is such a respected brand in the region. We anticipate a productive partnership moving forward as we accompany the group on its digital transformation journey,” said Alaa Hewedi, VP of sales, Infor, Middle East.

Infor will provide Infor SCE Warehouse Management together with its Infor OS (operating services platform) which includes advanced capabilities for business intelligence; document management; and process integration. In addition, Infor OS incorporates Infor’s advanced middleware platform, ION, and Infor Ming.le, a centralised space for collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics.

Danube wanted to pool all essential company data together to integrate strategic planning into an optimised distribution network. Danube will use Infor SCE to analyse information from across its subsidiaries to improve the use of assets across its network – inventory, space, and labor. Plus, with Infor SCE, the company can create, communicate, execute, monitor, and manage strategic business plans.

At present, Danube is using in-house built software, and is now looking forward to using Infor’s warehouse management system. Infor’s functionally rich solution combined with deep industry experience provided Danube the confidence that Infor would be the partner of choice to support its business transformation plans.

Khosla added: “Infor’s team managed to engage at a very late stage, and in just 45 calendar days it eliminated the competition, established a great relationship, and aligned Infor SCE and Infor OS with our business needs. Infor demonstrated to Danube that it was committed to the success of the project, and that it had the potential to deliver everything that was required – on time. This was an important factor underpinning the decision to go with Infor.”

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