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CharterSync Adds Rocketroute For Ultra-Accurate Transit Schedules

CharterSync, one of the award-winning air cargo charter companies, has expanded its platform by integrating RocketRoute. It will give aircraft profiling and flight planning data to ensure CharterSync provides precise transit times instantaneously.

With RocketRoute providing auto-routing and complete monitoring of current and forecasted weather conditions, the integration will allow CharterSync to provide precise flight times, allowing operators to become more effective in fuel burn planning while also providing more accurate costs for ad hoc cargo charters.

Simon Watson, co-founder and director, CharterSync, says, “Creating quotes manually can be a time-consuming process that sometimes leads to human error. Clients also want total confidence in flight times when they are viewing quotes. Our RocketRoute integration addresses these issues and underlines our commitment to continually improving our platform. This integration is just the start of our partnership with RocketRoute as we work to provide even greater benefits to airlines and freight forwarders and further enhance the game-changing speed, simplicity, and flexibility of CharterSync’s booking process.”

Correspondingly, RocketRoute will instantly integrate into the CharterSync quotation process, automatically filling data to offer correct timings and eliminate the need for human computations. This connection will assist operators (who will save time on quoting) and clients (who will obtain more transparent and accurate timings and costs faster).

Steven Morgan, Senior Business Development Manager, RocketRoute, says: “We’re proud to partner with CharterSync on instantly providing more accurate flight times through their platform. We’re excited that CharterSync can leverage value from our flight planning optimization engine in advancing its offering. We look forward to growing our partnership and supporting CharterSync’s growth.”

Lastly, industry peers have already recognized CharterSync’s creative and customer-centric business strategy in the air cargo and logistics industries and the broader UK business community. Last Monday, the firm received ‘The Technology Innovation Award’ at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards ceremony in London. CharterSync was also named ‘Air Business of the Year’ at the UK Logistics Awards in December 2021 and ‘Best Use of Technology’ at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards in November 2021.