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Cargo containers in architecture

With the average living space prices on a constant rise over the past few years, many people are choosing alternative space solutions. The deteriorating economy, rising levels of pollution and rapid increase in population has forced people to consider more eco-friendlier ways. So, what is the newest solution for living spaces? Shipping containers… It’s cheap, compact and eco-friendly.

Dubai-based MFC Cargo Container Concepts has been actively innovating and promoting a host of these green and sustainable living options using upcycled shipping containers since its inception in 1990s.

Besides having manufactured the GCC region’s first permanent containerized mall, MFC provides cutting edge construction alternatives including residential and office units, pop-up venues for events, transportable units for the mining, construction, power and oil and gas industries.

Driving down Al Wasl Road, you will come across a rather unexpected structured mall made of containers. The ’BOXPARK‘, having a footprint of 1200 meters, is a pedestrian shopping mall stylishly merged with open spaces and amenities. Fabricated by MFC Cargo Container Concept, for Meeras Holdings, the development comprises of 220 renovated and brightly colored shipping containers converted into cafés, multi-purpose facilities, rental spaces and restaurants.

MFC has managed to win over many converts over the years. One such recent convert was for Hyundai Construction, a control room made of three high cube containers having acid resistant floors, well insulated walls, explosion proof lights and air conditioners.

Addressing the dire need for economical and portable spaces, MFC is also involved in a project for
Abu Dhabi Ports, which includes building a modular double storey building, fabricated using 20’ and 45’containers, modified internally and painted externally, which will accommodate the marine service technicians. The Ground level of the building is constructed using two 45’ containers with the first floor constructed using two 20’ containers with a traditional ‘karmeed’ pergola on top. The utilities rooms are installed with all required amenities, and the building has external steps and staircases.

One of the beauties of container buildings is that they’re quick to construct and MFC Cargo Container Concept has the expertise to manufacture units for any bespoke requirements in a short span of time.

When Land Rover, the multinational car manufacturer wanted a creative and sustainable solution for the Dubai Motor Show – 2016, MFC’s repurposed container was the answer. A structure consisting of a 40’ Flatbed container was redone into a vibrant exhibition stand with side-opening doors.

The humble shipping container is a credible alternative to conventional construction methods plus it makes for some exciting buildings.

Marine containers are made of ‘weathering’ steel, featuring specialised alloys that make them corrosion resistant. When needed, these make strong and flexible structural framework for buildings, regardless of whether they are used for residential, office or commercial purposes.

MFC Container Concepts, has produced a number of other projects for businesses and governments which include Racing Pavilions (Volvo Ocean Race), Hospitals, Medical centers, Accommodation units and office complexes, through the aesthetics of shipping containers – materials that have proven themselves to be sustainable and affordable. There will be more to come you can be sure.

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