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Beauty Sky introduces innovative disinfection gates and tunnels

Beauty Sky has designed and manufactured various types of disinfection gates and tunnels equipped with high quality nozzles functioning by spraying eco-friendly and human safe disinfectant on staff and visitors before getting into offices.

This solution is made to support the global community to fight against Coronavirus as this technology kills 99.9% of germs by passing through the disinfection gates and tunnel.


Photo Supplied: Beauty Sky

Considering the current pandemic of COVID-19 and the necessity of taking personal health in public areas into account, Beauty Sky’s R&D team have been able to utilize their knowledge to design and produce a sanitizing tunnel and disinfection gate to combat the virus.

Beauty Sky’s sanitizer Gates has been manufactured and design to serve and support many sectors in UAE such as Government, Corporate accounts, Malls, Banking, Schools, Utilities, Factories, etc.

How it works

These solutions are made to be nontoxic to the environment and most importantly to the human body.

Utilizing powerful nuzzles to be adjusted with the disinfection mist or powder spraying whole body of the individual when stepping inside the area and leaving for almost 8 seconds.

Having one separated hand sanitizer makes our product even more secure to the persons using the solution.