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Aramex to provide logistics solutions to Lets Tango in the region

eCommerce retailer LetsTango.com and Aramex partnered to fuel cross-border ecommerce in the region. As per the partnership, LetsTango.com will add to its brand roster an array of product brands from Thailand. Aramex will provide its logistics solutions effectively to reach more businesses and consumers regionally in the UAE and Middle East.

Commenting on the partnership, LetsTango.com CEO Alex Tchablakian said, “Our partnership with Aramex is the first ever of this kind and is in line with our sustainable growth vision for Thai sellers. As the offerings are tremendous, we are looking forward to connecting Thai vendors to our loyal database. We are seeing an accelerated growth for exclusive Thai products in the UAE region. Having partnered with Aramex, we are hopeful to bridge the gap between the demand and supply that has accelerated in the recent times.”

“We are hoping to see great success with this collaboration and planning to replicate the arrangement with other South Asian countries as well. We are looking forward to generate revenue over Dhs20 million in a bid to exponentially fuel eCommerce in the Middle East.” added Alex on the growth plans.

A survey, by Thailand Polytechnic, showed that 90% of buyers shop online for a wider selection of items and brands. It also revealed that people look for unique and affordable products online. Consumer electronics is one of the leading categories in the UAE followed by fashion which is believed to be the fast retail growing segment here.

The eCommerce retailer includes listing of over a thousand authentic and unique products from a wide variety of categories such as health and wellness, personal care and hygiene, fragrances, dietary supplements, beauty and fashion, auto accessories & parts, electronics devices, and wearables.

Samer Marei, Regional Director – South Eastern Asia & India Subcontinent at Aramex, said, “Our partnership with LetsTango.com will boost Aramex’s efforts in expanding our services in Thailand and the wider Asia Pacific market. Through Aramex’s robust global network and logistics expertise, we are confident in supporting the strong growth of the region’s eCommerce sector and strengthening the bilateral trade ties between Thailand and the UAE.”

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