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Airports, airlines and ANSPs urged to reconcile and look at ways to sustain growth

Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO of Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), the provider of air navigation services and air traffic control for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has called upon international air navigation service providers (ANSP), airports, and airlines to reunite and explore ways to stay resilient in the post-pandemic era.

“It is important that international air navigation service providers, airports and airlines reunite and open a new dialogue on exploring how to stay resilient by adapting to the post-pandemic airspace, focusing on innovation, flexibility and efficiency in the aviation system in general,” said Ibrahim Ahli at the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum at the 21st edition of Airport Show in Dubai.

dans has found it extremely beneficial to participate in the Airport Show, where the air navigation service provider showcased its world-class services.

“We have been participating in the Airport Show since its first edition, in order to showcase our world-class services in air navigation as well as to learn about the latest innovations and the latest technologies in the field of aviation,” said Ibrahim Ahli.

“We had the opportunity to study and evaluate collaboration opportunities with many international companies and agencies as well as to exchange knowledge and discuss the possibility of implementing pioneering technological projects in the future,” he said.

He added: “Dubai has always played an important role in supporting the global aviation industry through its government’s insightful vision and creative initiatives that enabled it to lead the recovery of the global aviation industry from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

“dans, on its part, has played a major role in enhancing Dubai’s economy and global reputation through the implementation of these Initiatives and provided the best services to airlines and other customers by the strength of the efficiency of our human and technical resources along with continuous cooperation and coordination with our stakeholders in the aviation sector.”