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Admiral Mobility Reveals To Bring 5000 Electric Commercial Vehicles To The Middle East

Admiral Mobility, a leading company in providing accessible eMobility and energy management solutions, has announced its commitment to bring 5000 commercial electric vehicles to the Middle East. The commitment comprises 3000 Electric Commercial Trucks, split between 6T and 8T, and a further 2000 Electric Farizon SuperVANs.

The order results from a strategic partnership between Admiral Mobility and Geely Farizon Commercial Group, which has been coined as a result of the growing demand for ecological transportation, be it for highways, the city or backroads, to ensure a cleaner environment for us all. The UAE’s focus is on achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to provide access to clean energy and sustainable economic growth. The commitment to bringing 500 Commercial Vehicles to the UAE in 2023 will further help build the ‘green transportation industry’, especially in the lead-up to the climate change conference, COP28 next year.

Supporting governments, municipalities and ‘mega-projects’ in its quest to ‘decarbonise’ the transportation industry, Admiral Mobility’s focus will be to offer businesses distributing goods the opportunity to do this sustainably via the use of EV (electric vehicle) trucks, thus providing an environmentally-friendly and commercially viable business model. Furthermore, Admiral Mobility will offer multiple ways to support public and private sector businesses by assisting with charging network requirements, managing after-sales services, and offering attractive leasing model arrangements to provide complete flexibility and peace of mind.

Frank Bernthaler, Chief Operating Officer, Admiral Mobility, commented on the announcement: “With COP28 fast approaching and sustainability being high on everyone’s agendas, this partnership is an important step forward to build a robust EV truck portfolio in the region. As we transition towards more environmentally-friendly energy and transportation solutions, we are proud to play a key role in building an infrastructure that empowers the government’s electrification strategy. We are looking forward to supporting businesses as they move towards electric vehicles in the region.”

With a range of up to 400km, the zero-emissions electric Farizon SuperVAN operates safely, taking less than two hours to charge via its efficient LFP battery fully. Advanced safety features include lane-keeping assist adapt cruise control, remote locking systems, high beam LED lights equipped with auto adaption to the surrounding traffic, and of course, ease of comfort of driving.

The UAE, which aims to become carbon neutral by 2050, ranks eighth globally in terms of readiness for electric mobility, with significant government initiatives planned to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads as a substitute to ensure clean energy. According to the Global Electric Mobility Readiness Index – Gemrix 2022, the country’s electric vehicle (EV) market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 30% between 2022 and 2028.

Mingshi Lin, Vice President Geely Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, said: Developing and promoting new energy commercial vehicles is essential and urgent for creating a globally sustainable future. With Farizon’s advanced automotive technology enabled by our R&D capabilities, now aided by the extensive market reach and customer insights of Admiral Mobility, we are confident in bringing high-quality carbon-free commercial vehicles to the entire GCC region.