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ACCIONA recognised as “Sustainable Transport Contractor” for the extension of the Dubai Metro

Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) awarded its “Sustainable Transport Contractor” prize to ACCIONA’s joint venture for the Dubai Metro extension project.

These awards recognize road and transport projects and initiatives carried out in Dubai that make a positive contribution to caring for the environment through the application of sustainable construction principles.

The award ceremony took place in the World Trade Center of Dubai and the prize was received on behalf of ACCIONA by its Project Director, José Luis Oliván.

One of the main reasons leading to the prize was the award of LEED V4 Gold certification for the seven stations that ACCIONA and its partners built as part of the project. It is the highest sustainability grading at world level and recognizes good practices carried out to implement resilient and energy-efficient infrastructures. These certifications have made the extension of the Dubai Metro the world’s biggest transport project with LEED Gold certification.

To increase energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the Metro station, ACCIONA optimized the cooling systems and installed solar panels to generate energy, as well as using low-emission and insulating materials on the outer walls and roof cladding, among other elements. These measures have achieved a 24% reduction in energy consumption, as well as a 55% saving in water consumption. Furthermore, 95% of the construction material waste has been saved and the start-up process for the stations has been improved.

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