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A-Z Of E-Commerce: With Nicolas Bruylants, Chief Vision Officer and Co-Founder of CNNB Solutions

CNNB Solutions is one of the experts in managing online retail, offering complete management services that cover website development, sales optimisation, and administration in addition to marketplaces and online shops. The team includes e-commerce professionals who would begin their connection with their clients by offering consultation and pursuing a cooperative approach. This is then connected to the necessary technology and put into practice with reliable outcomes for the brand’s online sales success. According to Nicolas Bruylants, Chief Vision Officer and Co-Founder of CNNB Solutions, “We are partnered with the industry leaders in payments, warehousing, logistics, last-mile deliveries, and online marketplaces to maximise e-commerce sales for all the businesses we deal with.”

Furthermore, it’s generally agreed upon that the e-commerce sector is a big ocean; consequently, the needs are shaped through specialised strategic planning and services. CNNB Solutions offers professional solutions to meet every need, from the fashion industry’s essentials to managing exchanges and beauty products that need to be kept at the proper temperature to furniture and hardware to be installed. On the other hand, the logistics should be in place with quick delivery between the warehouse and clients. “Though you need to know that what remains the same for all the e-commerce brands is the offering of the most seamless experience for customers – we just do it all,” adds Nicolas.

With a solid strategic alliance with some of the most prominent beauty conglomerates in the world, CNNB Solutions is eager to add new customers in the sectors they now service and those they are in discussions with, such as the major players in fashion and footwear. “We are expanding rapidly across the region and, after entering new territories in 2022, this year, we would like to double-down on those core markets to improve sales for the brands we work with.” They even have plans to introduce cutting-edge technology to help them decide how to adopt new developments and benefit from the most innovative and inventive technologies.

“But you know, the one thing that helps us stand out from our competitors is the integration with the most strategic logistics partners in the region to offer in-time deliveries.” CNNB Solutions offers its partner brands’ clients the most effective and quick delivery possible through these alliances. In accordance with this, the business strongly focuses on keeping consumers informed about delivery times and meeting their expectations. “This comprehensive approach to logistics and customer service allows us to stand out from our competitors and drives positive relationships between partner brands and their customers.” They have the best delivery rates for e-commerce in the region, resulting in 96.4% delivered shipments on average across markets and categories.

At the same time, in terms of opportunities, Nicolas believes there are many more prospects for ‘dark stores’ in the MENA area. With an increasing trend of converting new retail premises into multifunctional warehouses stocked with goods from various brands and users, it would be possible to provide clients of online retailers the option of ‘click-and-collect’ services and faster delivery. “These dark stores can be located almost anywhere within urban areas, which means that adoption of dark stores will continue at a pace, increasing the reach of brands in certain areas and speed of delivery to customers. There are currently more than 6,000 worldwide, but we predict many more will come in the MENA region.”

Customer happiness, which has significantly grown with rising brand awareness, is another crucial factor that brands, and businesses must address. Companies meet customer expectations while keeping an open mind for a profitable venture. Likewise, for CNNB Solutions, Nicolas says, “we have an overwhelmingly positive, our clients are bullish about the evolution of online retail and how we can support them. The industry is expanding, and they will continue to invest in the future of omnichannel for businesses and brands.”

Finally, by offering the best possible quality of experience and service, the developing D2C market for e-commerce aids firms in developing connections with their customers. In the end, companies have more influence over how customers perceive their brands and products, which will be crucial in an increasingly hectic and congested e-commerce world.

“Over the coming years, there will be greater opportunities to implement bespoke brand technology, such as virtual and augmented reality or private shopper options, while also helping build stronger profiles of customers through first-party data,” concludes Nicolas.

From Logistics News ME February 2023 Issue