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Zooming ahead: Gary Dalton, Zoom Property

Zoom Property, a new property portal launched in the UAE in June 2018, where customers can search from more than 20,000 of properties across the region. The user-friendly online portal has been created using the latest technology to provide an exceptional experience for those searching for a property to rent or buy across the UAE. With most of the largest real estate brokers in the region already integrated with the platform, users will have access to tens of thousands of property listings to search, browse and find their next home.

Gary Dalton - Director of Marketing, Zoom Property.In an interview with CBNME, Gary Dalton, director of marketing from Zoom Property, talks about the smart and innovative features of the portal.

Give us a brief overview of the platform. How was the platform funded?

For users, Zoom Property is a property search platform that allows them to quickly and easily find the property they are looking for, access a wealth of information and get in touch directly with real estate agents. For brokerages, Zoom Property is a marketing and advertising platform that helps them drive more reach and exposure for their listings and their agency, as well as drive more leads through a variety of means.  

Zoom Property is funded through a private investment but is also aligned with Zoom Digital, an integrated digital marketing agency and software development house.

What are the unique points/features that differentiate Zoom Property from its competitors in the market?

We provide a more well-rounded experience for renters, buyers, and investors by helping them find their ideal property quickly and easily, while providing them useful information to help with their search. Users have access to all the features they’d expect but they can also take advantage of interactive maps, read area guides, set up property alerts, search for expert agents, check their monthly costs, chat online with real estate brokers, and even ask questions on our forum.

We only work with a select number of real estate brokerages in the UAE to ensure the quality of the listings and agents. This is done so our users can be assured that they are in safe hands and are looked after.

For brokerages and developers, we are providing a more tailored type of service that goes beyond just listings. We work closely with our clients to create a bespoke advertising and marketing package which will help them improve the quality of their listings and get more exposure and leads for their properties.

What kind of response have you received from the market?

From the tens of thousands of visitors, we are seeing coming to the website every day, there is clearly a significant demand and interest for real estate in Dubai and the UAE in general. The traffic we have already shows that there is room for a new entrant. Real estate brokerages and agents we work with are also keen to see alternative options in the market to provide competition to the existing players.

What are your plans for growth regionally?

We focus on all types of properties, both mid-market and high-end.  We have plans in our medium-term road map to expand into new territories and our platform and technology allows us to do that easily and quickly.

How do you plan to make the platform more end-user friendly? 

The technology and platform that we have built Zoom Property on is integral to us being flexible and agile. Adding new features and functionality on a regular basis is a core part of our strategy.

Our focus is to understand how visitors want to use Zoom Property and get feedback to continually improve the experience.  We will continue to iterate and improve the website based on that feedback and introduce features and functionality to enhance the experience for both house hunters and brokers alike.

Could you elaborate on Zoom Chat?

Zoom Chat allows users to talk directly with real estate agents in real time.  Brokers will be alerted when a user wants to chat about a specific property and helps connect the two together efficiently to get questions answered or to arrange a property viewing.

How do you plan to integrate machine learning and AI as advanced features in further development of the platform?

Machine learning and AI are already embedded within the Zoom Property eco system — a valuable asset that will improve as we grow and generate more data. It will also allow us to improve and personalise the user experience and provide intelligence to users and brokers. Moving onward, we look forward to exciting developments like predictive analytics.

What is your overview about the current real estate market in the GCC?

Our main focus currently is on the UAE real estate market and based on the traffic levels we are getting, there is still a lot of interest. There has been some correction in property prices over the last 18 months, providing an opportunity for both buyers and renters to get more for their money, pick up some good value investments, or get their foot on the property ladder. We are confident there will be an improvement in the near future, especially with Expo 2020 drawing ever closer.

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